Are Trendy Statement Shoes Right for You?

First it was sunglasses. Then it was handbags. Now, it’s eye-catching shoes.

You see them in magazines, at award shows, and on the street, and entire segments of fashion review shows are dedicated to their following.

Green sandals Gladiator sandals Black Sandals

Statement shoes are definitely head-turners, but are they right for you?

Dress with shoesIt depends.

The biggest challenge is that they draw attention to your feet. If you’re medium to tall, have great legs and pretty feet, then pair them with clean, classic clothes and wear them all you want. You’ll be right on trend.

But if you’re petite, have better features than your legs, or think your feet are too big, then putting the spotlight there probably isn’t the wisest choice.

Now I’m not saying don’t wear them, I’m saying be careful which styles you choose.

For example, if you’re “Five foot two with eyes of blue” and you wear lots of color on both your body and your feet, it will visually “chop you up” and make you look shorter:

Red dress

Beige shoesSo if you want to wear this trend, you just have to be clever. Instead of putting large splashes of color head to toe, think monochrome (all one color or slight variations of one color), or opt for the eye-catching shoes in neutral shades that match your skin tone. You’ll be on trend but visually elongated because of the shoe color.

If you have heavy legs, opt for styles with chunky or wedge heels to visually balance the legs. Avoid styles that create a horizontal line on the foot; instead, opt for styles that draw the eye up and down instead of from side-to-side.

Wearing statement shoes can be fun and fashionable but you have to be careful. Always double-check yourself in the mirror to see if the shoes make sense with the ensemble and with your body – because you want to look like you’re wearing your shoes, and not the other way around.

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All pictures courtesy of Piperlime

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