Summer Dress Forget-Me-Nots

Summer dress forget-me-notsSummer dress season in nearly upon us. As the weather heats up and clothes start coming off, it’s important to remember the little details that can make or break a great look. Great skin, gorgeous hair, and appropriate undergarments are just a few of the items that top the list of summer dress forget-me-nots.

Summer Dress Beauty

The change of season requires more than just a change of clothes; it requires a change in beauty routine as well. Heavy moisturizers and hairy legs may have been heaven in the winter, but they won’t work in summer. Here’s how to look cool when it’s hot outside:

Switch Foundation Makeup

Summer wear tinted moisturizerIf you typically wear heavy oil-based foundation makeup, the thick formulation you wear in winter may bead with perspiration and slide down your face in summer. Try water-based, powder, or tinted moisturizer instead. Make sure any base makeup you wear has SPF of 15 or above.

Switch Shampoo and Conditioner

Heavy shampoos and conditioners can weigh down your hair in summer, particularly if you’re active. Here’s’s recommendations for the best summer hair products for different types of hair.  Have blonde hair and love to swim? Keep the “chlorine green” at bay with chlorine shampoo.

Beach PerfumeGo Light on the Fragrance

While oriental and woody base notes are popular for winter, floral and fresh are best for summer. Try a light scent that makes you feel happy.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Skimpy clothes call for extra hair removal.  Underarms, legs, bikini area – it can be tedious, but it needs to be done to look as polished as possible.  If you can stand waxing, go for it – it tends to last longer than shaving.

Get a Pedicure

PedicureSkimpy shoes call for a pedicure, particularly if they’re cute skimpy shoes. Because if you have cracked heels, gnarly nails, or hairy toes, no one’s going to notice your shoes. Either splurge and have someone do this for you, or do it yourself at home.

That’s the summer dress beauty routine – beautiful skin, bouncy hair, great scent, spotless grooming.

Summer Dress Clothing and Accessories

Now that we’ve talked about beauty, let’s look at summer clothes and accessories:

Flesh-Toned Undergarments

White bra shows through; a flesh toned one will notSheer summer fabrics call for flesh-toned undergarments that disappear under your clothes. Yes, beige may be boring, but it allows your clothes to shine without calling attention to what’s underneath. White should not be worn under white, regardless of what you’ve been told.

A Variety of Bra Styles

Madonna and Carrie Bradshaw may like their bra straps to show, but frankly, I think it looks tacky. It also detracts from the garment. Invest in both a beige strapless bra and a beige multi way bra that can be worn with a variety of styles. Again, keep the summer wear focus on the clothes, not the undergarments.

White hides perspirationHide the Perspiration

Need to look crisp, even when it’s hot? Try all white or all black. They both hide perspiration, unlike most pastels. White also reflects the sun, which is why it’s typically worn for summer sports like golf, tennis, and yatching.

Wear Clothing That Fits

As the weather changes to the summer dress code, I’m suddenly seeing a lot of clothes that are either too big or too small, but few that fit “just right.” If you packed on a few extra pounds over the winter (and who hasn’t?), don’t try to hide it by wearing oversized clothes or ignore it by squeezing into last summer’s stuff. Instead, buy a few staples in your current size – white tshirts, a jean skirt, khaki capris – and wear them while you get your summer dress shape back.

Straw HandbagSwitch Handbags

If you typically carry the same handbag year ’round, switch to a fun summer look. Straw bags are particularly popular for summer casual wear, while white or beige leather are appropriate for work.

So those are my suggestions for your summer dress forget-me-nots. See to the details and look fabulous all summer long.

Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton-Sikes is an image consultant and author of Wardrobe Magic, an ebook that shows women how to dress whatever their age, shape, size, or budget.  Need help with your summer dress wardrobe?  Grab a copy of Wardrobe Magic.



  • Adele

    Reply Reply May 24, 2013


    Thanks for the summer refresher, I know my feet need a little TLC, and light summer polish. I have one question – usually you are so good at captioning the pics you include on tbe blog, but I want to know about that purse you show! Perfect for me, and I am in desperate need of a summer purse. So before I go pouring through websites I thought I’d ask.


    • Diana

      Reply Reply May 25, 2013

      Hi Adele,

      So glad you enjoyed the article! Thanks for your note.

      The straw handbag is Calvin Klein’s “St. Tropez” small tote. You can find it here:



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