10 Mistakes Women Make With Their Business Attire

10 Mistakes Women Make With Their Business Wear

Is business attire still important? With retail stores closing and “athleisure” becoming the clothing of choice, it’s easy to think that how you dress for business really doesn’t matter any more. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because the psychology behind business clothes hasn’t changed since the Renaissance.  People have just gotten sloppy,…

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The Psychology of Clothing, Part II

Use the psychology of clothing to find your ideal mate

In the first part of this series, we looked at how clothing shapes your behavior, based on how you dress. In this article, we’ll look at how your clothing shapes others’ behavior toward you. Once you understand how you can influence others with your appearance, you can use it as part of your image arsenal…

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Do You “Make the Cut?”

“American Idol” returned to U.S. airwaves several weeks ago with a fresh new crop of singing wannabes trying to impress the judges. Some could carry a tune, a handful sang like angels, but the vast majority looked and sounded exactly like alley cats. They made you want to a launch a tin can in their…

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Clothing Color Impact

Have you ever wondered why police officers wear blue or the clergy wear black? Or why purple and red are colors of passion while white and yellow denote innocence and cheer? It’s because different colors impact people in different ways, evoking emotions from trust to jealousy and everything in between. Scientists have studied the effects…

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Why It Pays to Be Attractive

“There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” –Helena Rubenstein Not long ago, I noticed that the non-profit I’d worked for in Houston in the 90’s had FINALLY gotten around to putting up a website. As I clicked around, noting how many of my former co-workers were still there after all these years (it was…

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