10 Drool-Worthy Fashion Websites

Drool-Worthy Fashion Websites

Ever follow a link to a magical site that captures your imagination? Where you promptly spend hours consuming content and lose all track of time? Me, too. Happens all the time. Especially with fashion websites. Which is why I suggest you visit some of these when you have the time. You’re not going to want…

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How Ebenezer Butterick Changed the Face of Fashion

Every now and again an invention comes along that is so brilliant, it literally changes the way things are done. The cotton gin. The Jacquard loom. The sewing machine. Live mannequins. It’s done one way until the innovation, then it’s rarely done that way again. Such was the case with Ebenezer Butterick and his graded…

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Eleanor Lambert, The Empress of Seventh Avenue

Once upon a time, Paris was the center of fashion. Louis XIV had wrestled the title from the Italians in the 1650’s, so for the next 300 years, Western Civilization looked to France for style. Until Eleanor Lambert came along, that is. Born in Crawfordville, Indiana in 1903, Eleanor Lambert wanted to be a sculptor.…

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Why is Winter Cocktail Attire Sleeveless?

Why is Cocktail Attire Sleeveless?

It’s cold outside. Snow’s falling. You have to bundle up to leave the house. So why is it when you go to the mall or shop online for winter cocktail attire, 90% of what you find is short sleeve or sleeveless? It just doesn’t make any sense this time of year. Who decided that women’s…

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The 10 Most Extreme Fashion Trends EVER

What’s the craziest fashion trend you ever saw?  The Zoot suit?  The leisure suit?  Go-go boots?  Goth?  As wild as those trends were, they still don’t compare to some of the wacky things people have done over the centuries all in the name of fashion. Torture, greed, vanity, lust – the stories read like the…

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