10 Mistakes Women Make With Their Business Attire

10 Mistakes Women Make With Their Business Wear

Is business attire still important? With retail stores closing and “athleisure” becoming the clothing of choice, it’s easy to think that how you dress for business really doesn’t matter any more. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because the psychology behind business clothes hasn’t changed since the Renaissance.  People have just gotten sloppy,…

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Winter Hat Guide for Women

Winter Hat Guide

Once upon a time, a woman was not considered “dressed” unless she wore a hat. Today, hats have largely fallen out of fashion – except when then the weather calls for it. When temperatures dip and you need to bundle up, a hat becomes a necessity. While you can go hatless – as many people…

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Why Global Clothing Sales Have Plummeted

Why Global Clothing Sales Have Declined

If you’ve been watching recent fashion headlines, you know that world-wide, clothing sales have tanked. The economy is finally recovering, people are finally starting to spend money again, but not on clothes. They’re spending it on electronics and novelty items, like drones. It’s no mystery why. The key word here is novelty. People like new…

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The Psychology of Clothing, Part II

Use the psychology of clothing to find your ideal mate

In the first part of this series, we looked at how clothing shapes your behavior, based on how you dress. In this article, we’ll look at how your clothing shapes others’ behavior toward you. Once you understand how you can influence others with your appearance, you can use it as part of your image arsenal…

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The Psychology of Clothing, Part I

The Psychology of Clothes

I always smile when someone tells me that clothing is superficial and unimportant, because what they’re really saying is that they’ve never experienced the benefits of proper dress. If they had, they’d know just how large a role clothing plays in their behavior – and they’d probably be making a lot more money. Alas, ignorance…

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