The Art of the Trench

After mentioning recently that trench coats were on the what’s selling best right now list, I saw that The Sartorialistâ’s Scott Schuman was hired by Burberry to take pictures of 100 different people he met on his travels who were wearing Burberry trench coats.  What a neat idea!  It took him several months to snap all the photographs, but the results are amazing, as you can see both on Scott’s blog and at Burberry’s Art of the Trench website.

Art of the Trench Art of the Trench Art of the Trench Art of the Trench

Photos courtesy of The Sartorialist Blog

Scott has such a keen eye for both fashion and photography that you can spend hours on his site looking at all the pictures and soaking up styling ideas from the trendsetters on the street.

The other thing I like about Scott is that he’s managed to make a name – and a fun living – doing something he loves.  What started out as a hobby of taking pictures and blogging about street fashion has turned into regular writing and photography gigs for GQ,, and now Burberry.  He’s even got a best-selling book out of it.

Hmm.  Kind of makes you wonder if you could take a page from his book and start a blog doing something you love!

The Satorialist
Did You Know?

Thomas Burberry was an apprentice wholesale cloth merchant in Southern England when he decided to open his own store in 1856.  By 1870, Burberry was specializing in outdoor gear and he invented gabardine (a durable, water-resistant fabric, perfect for hunting and riding) in 1880.

When the British Army needed a weather-proof coat during World War I, they turned to Burberry for help.  He invented the trench coat – so named because it was worn “in the trenches” by British soldiers – in 1914.  It became an immediate hit with civilians after the war, and Burberry, seizing the opportunity, made the trench even more desirable by creating its iconic plaid and adding it as a liner in 1920.


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