Prince William & Kate MiddletonAnyone else notice how there’s “much ado” about the Royal Wedding?

Royal weddings are always popular – I remember the fanfare surrounding Charles & Diana’s, and my mother said that Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s was much the same – but when there are marathons about royal brides on television months before the big event, you know it’s only going to get worse.

You can read books about William & Kate’s romance, get a replica of her engagement ring, and if you live in England, you can get commemorative plates, cups, pill boxes, and tankards offered by the Royal Collection . One company even offers royal gnomes in wedding attire!

There’s still speculation about Kate Middleton’s dress. She’s refusing to name the designer, which is just as well; according David Emmanuel, who along with his ex-wife Elizabeth designed Lady Diana Spencer’s gown, they ending up hiring security guards to keep reporters at bay. Reporters were going the trash or pretending to be clients or wedding guests hoping for a preview of the dress. Needless to say, it disrupted business.

(Diana’s dress is currently on touring exhibit in the United States; it will be in Kansas City, MO for the next few months.)

So what’s Kate’s contribution to fashion?

Like First Lady Michelle Obama, Kate is wearing clothes from a wide range of designers and price points, which means that a lot of women can afford to copy what she wears – and they are. It’s been great for the British economy. Look for her to continue this trend after she marries Prince William.

Have any guesses what the wedding dress will be like? Add your comments below and let’s so who’s right!

    5 replies to "The Royal Wedding Gravy Train"

    • Shel

      I think it will be beautiful!

    • Nancy Astromsky

      I think Kate will wear an updated version of Grace Kelly’s gown.
      Top will be heirloom lace in a v cut with three quarter sleeves.
      Skirt will be a controlled full skirt.
      She will carry a cascading bouqet of flowers and ivy.
      A tiera of course.

    • Nancy

      I predict that Kate’s dress will be the opposite of what her body type really is, and it will be in a color that won’t suit her. She will be unable to chose what she wants to wear because she now belongs to British history and tradition. This isn’t her wedding, it is England’s wedding.

      • Diana

        Interesting! I guess will see. I read where the Alexander McQueen people might have been given the commission. Talk about intraditional! I guess we’ll know in a couple of months…

        • Nancy

          Hooray! I was wrong! Kate’s dress was beautiful and fabulous on her. Turns out that she’s a non-royal (okay, “commoner”) and she’s so far back in the queue to be Queen that she and William could have their own wedding the way they wanted it.

          I’ll have a cup of coffee with that slice of humble pie.

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