The Spring 2008 Review

It’s that time of year again: time to put away the coats, boots, and heavy fabrics of winter and pull out your warm weather clothes.

Whether you’ll be working, traveling, or enjoying a little “fun in the sun” (or all of the above) this spring and summer, there are some really cute looks out there for you. From feminine frills and wild colors to vintage styles and up-to-date classics, there’s a little something for everyone.

Just keep a few basic guidelines in mind:

    1. Shop with a list; know what you have and what you need so you can stay in budget.

    2. You will not look good in everything you see (nobody does). Stick with the styles and silhouettes that flatter you most and don’t be swayed by looks that don’t work for you.

    3. Some colors will NOT work with your skin tone, regardless of what the sales girl on commission tells you. If you look pasty under those dingy dressing room lights, you’ll look pasty everywhere else.

    4. Add one trendy, inexpensive accessory (like a handbag or shoes) that will make you feel cute and chic all season.

    5. Invest in classics; go cheap on trends.

With these guidelines in mind, here are some of the most eye-catching, figure-friendly looks of the season:

Feminine Ruffles and Lace 

If you like to get in touch with your girlie side every now and again, you’re definitely in luck this season. From ruffles and lace to ribbons and bows, you’ll find plenty to choose from this season. Just keep in mind that some of these embellishments can make what they’re put against seem bigger, so keep them away from your trouble spots, like hips, tummy, or thighs. Otherwise, enjoy!



Feminine styles



Feminine ruffles

Flirty Sundresses 

Reach for fun, flirty sundresses for all of your after-hours fun. They keep you cooler than shorts and are dressy enough to take you to restaurants and museums. But don’t wear them to work unless you top them with a jacket or light sweater; business situations call for more coverage, so DON’T “dare to go bare” at work (or church, for that matter). These places call for more coverage and formality.



Flirty Sundress


Flirty Sundress



Cropped, Three Quarter Sleeve Jacket 

No, it’s not your imagination – you’ve seen this look before. The cropped, three quarter sleeve jacket was “all the rage” in the 1960’s, and it’s making a comeback for both spring and fall. Pair them with slim skirts, pants, or cropped pants for a chic, easy look. But be careful: because of the short proportion, this style is not very friendly to those who are petite, have a short waist, or who carry extra weight at the waistline or tummy. Proceed with caution.



Cropped jacket



Cropped Jacket

Wide Leg Trousers 

Wide leg trousers continue to be popular, including those with exaggerated or palazzo-style hems. While wide leg pants can lengthen and slenderize heavy thighs and legs, they can also overwhelm very thin legs, so be careful. Avoid styles with cuffs if you’re petite.


Wide leg trousers

Wide Leg Trouser

Classic Favorites 

Like sheaths? Pencil skirts? Shirtdresses? Trench coats? You’re in luck! You’ll find all those classic silhouettes in abundance this year, so be sure to stock up on the styles that flatter you most. The great thing about classics is that you can wear them for years, and they can serve as a simple background for eye-catching shoes, necklaces, or bags.


Classic trench


Classic sheath

Animal Prints 

What’s the continuing fascination with animal prints? They’ve been popular the last several years, and continue to roar this season. If you want to add a little “animal magnetism” to your apparel or accessories, just be sure to do so in small doses. This is one print where it’s easy to get too much of a good thing.


Animal Prints

Animal prints


Like crows captivated by shiny objects, the fashion industry continues to favor metallics of all sorts. From coats and blouses to belts and bags, you can shine like a million this summer. Just be sure to stick with the colors that look best on you so all those metals don’t wash you out.


Metallic tank


Metallic jacket

Bright Colors 

Just as nature puts on a bright, colorful show each spring with its flowers, grasses, and trees, so too will you find a lot of bright colors in stores this season. Hot pink, lemon yellow, turquoise blue, lime green – it’ll be easy to stand out in a crowd! Just be sure to pick the best colors for your skin tone. Particularly popular this year: matching shoes to clothing color for head-to-toe brightness. It’s a cute look, but it can visually “chop up” smaller bodies and be hard on the budget. To get longer-looking legs and save money and closet space, you might want to opt for flesh-colored shoes instead.



Bright suit with matching shoes



Bright sheath with flesh-colored shoes

Artistic Sleeves 

Puffed, petal, bishop, kimono – designers have fallen in love with interesting, artistic sleeves again. Whether you want to cover up, show off, or play “peek-a-boo” with your arms, there’s a sleeve out there for you. Just make sure it flatters and fits. Stay away from puffed sleeves if you have broad shoulders, heavy upper arms, or a large chest, for example, and avoid raglan and saddle-shoulder styles if your arms are very long and thin. Your goal is to visually minimize your trouble spots, not call attention to them.



Puffed sleeves


Angel sleeve

Statement Necklaces 

Want a simple way to draw attention to your face and update your wardrobe without spending a lot on clothes? Try a few big statement necklaces. Flowers, animal shapes, shiny beads, bright metals — pick whatever you like. Just don’t overdo it (like Nicole Kidman at the Oscarsâ„¢); scale pieces to your size and proportion for an up-to-moment yet easy look.

Statement necklace


Statement necklace

These are my top picks for the season. Add a handful of pieces that compliment your body shape and lifestyle and you’ll look youthful and current regardless of your age, shape, size, or budget.

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