Tired of the gloomy weather and fragile economy? Join the club! Fortunately, neither will last forever. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and one of the easiest ways to get into the spirit is by slipping into the colors and patterns of the season.

Fortunately, you won’t have to add a lot to be “au courant” this year. Retailers are sticking with perennial favorites, which is good news:
you can wear pieces from previous years and still look of-the-moment. Just replace what’s worn out and add a few new things to feel fresh
and trendy.

Just remember these 5 basics rules:

    1. Always shop with a list to keep on track and in budget

    2. Stick with styles that flatter your figure

    3. Limit your color palette to your most flattering tones

    4. Don’t be afraid to mix high-end with low-end

    5. Invest in classics, go cheap on trends

With these in mind, here are my top picks of the season:

Big and Bright

Citrus, turquoise, lemon, coral – you’ll find a rainbow of colors to hang in your closet. DO invest in a bright top, trench, or dress, BUT make sure it’s a color that flatters your skin tone.

Bright Trench


Bright Dress by Michael Kors


Flower Power

Bold floral prints, interesting floral details, flowered accessories – you’ll see them all this year. Just remember to keep your garden at bay by wearing one floral thing at a time.

Floral Dress


Floral shoes


Geometric Shapes

Interesting and unusual shapes, colors, and details on clothes can turn heads and start conversations. If you like dramatic looks, this is right up your alley. Just be VERY careful where those unusual details hit your body, or people could be talking about them for all the wrong reasons.

Geometric jacket


Multi-dimensional Dress


Your Inner Goddess

The sexy drape of a goddess gown has been popular since Roman times. Find the details that suit your shape best and pair them with a bold metal bracelet or gladiator-style sandals. Bellissima!

The Roman goddess


The updated goddess


Chic Safari

Looking to prowl around a bit? Sleek trousers (or pencil skirts), animal print tops, a safari-style jacket — who doesn’t love this look? It’s been
popular for decades because it looks good and turns heads. Tap your inner huntress with this classic style and see what you catch.

The safari look


Animal Print Bag


Ruffles and Lace

Ruffles and lace have been favorites for centuries for one simple reason: men love the feminine appeal of girlie-girls. Not all the time, of
course, but if you’re looking for some male attention, try putting some lace near one of your best assets – neck, wrist, or décolletage, for example – and see how much interest it generates.

Ruffled cardigan


Lace top


Heavy Metal

Metallics remain popular this season and will serve you well in a variety of ways, including belts, shoes, and bags. Just don’t go overboard – a
little metal goes a long way. Remember that cool skin tones look best with silver while warm tones look better in gold.

Swimsuit with metallic accents


Metallic handbag


Understated Elegance

No matter what the year or season, you can’t go wrong with classic styles in elegant fabrics. Silk tops, linen trousers, jersey knits, great tweeds – these clothing investments will last you for years to come. So long as you take care of them, that is.

Classic tee


Classic shirtdress


Marrakech Express

Okay, so this one is totally trendy and definitely NOT for everyone, but it’s a fun way to evoke the exotic if your budget is keeping you at home this year. Tunics, harem pants, turbans – think Talitha Getty chic bohemian (but without the drugs) for a dramatic, out-of-the-ordinary look.

Textured woven shirt


Breezy Printed Tunic


Think Pink

Pink was so popular last year, it’s making an encore performance this year. Tops, dresses, jackets, accessories — you’ll see it everywhere you shop. Try bright pinks if you have cool skin undertones, salmony pinks if you’re have warmer tones.

Pink jacket


Pink trench


So that’s it – my top picks of the season. Have fun, spend wisely, and dress well!

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