Travel Dress Basics

With summer upon us and vacations in full swing, I often get asked what one should take on vacation.  Then answer:  as little as possible!  Who wants to start or end their vacation schlepping heavy suitcases and keeping track of tons of stuff?

Here are some travel dress basics:

*Determine the Weather at Your Destination

I know this seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve been caught more than once with too many layers, too few layers, or clothes completely out of season.   Ever been somewhere (in the Northern Hemisphere) where it snowed on the 4th of July or you could wear flip flops at Christmas?  I have.  Unfortunately, my vacation wardrobe didn’t follow suit.  These days I start my packing by visiting, inputting my destination, and checking out the weather for the next 10 days.  Works like a charm!

*Know Your Itinerary

What will you be doing once you get there?  Sleeping ‘til noon?  Swimming and sunning?  Attending a wedding?  Orchestrating a corporate takeover?  Whatever it is, you’ll need clothes for every occasion.  Think it through day by day so you take what you need.  Don’t overpack or underpack.  Take what’s required.

*Determine the Dress Code

What YOU consider appropriate may not be at your destination.   People in large cities typically dress more formally than those in rural or small towns.   In the U.S., people on the East Coast dress up more than those on the West Coast.  In Europe, people in fashion countries like Italy and Paris dress more formally than people from Greece or the Netherlands.  LEARN the appropriate dress code so you don’t look like a tourist.

*Select a Color Scheme

Select a simple color scheme for your travel wardrobe.  Red, white, and black – blue, green, and yellow – red, blue, and pink – whatever it is, limit your colors to two or three.   When you can mix and match a variety of pieces, you give yourself more outfit options while lessening the number of accessories you need to take.  Why struggle with hauling or paying for excess weight if you don’t need to?

Travel Shirt Travel Suit Travel Skirt Travel Dress Travel Shirt and Jeans

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See how these can be mixed and matched for a variety of combinations?  Fewer clothes and accessories required when you use clothing capsules to travel.

*Make Everything Do Double Duty

Use a tote instead of a train case for your carry on so you can use it for shopping during your trip.  Wear a trench coat instead of a leather coat because it can be worn in snow and rain and folded away easily when not in use.  Wear a travel ensemble in your color scheme to give you more mix and match options while you’re traveling.  In short, THINK about everything you take and opt for maximum durability from each piece.

Travel Dress ideas from Wardrobe MagicTraveling should be fun, not stressful, and the best way to ensure it is to pack appropriately.  Why drag your whole closet with you when you can travel the globe appropriately dressed with only a handful of well-chosen pieces?  Plan well, pick wisely, pack lightly – it’s the secret to travel dress smarts!

Need some more travel dress planning tips?  Then download a copy of Wardrobe Magic to see how easy travel can be when you know how to build a clothing capsule that flatters you figure, enhances your skin tone, and takes you anywhere you want to go.

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  • Fina Cerra

    Reply Reply July 2, 2010

    I am a 76 years old woman with osteoporosis and a curvature of the back, it is very hard to find clothes that fit, I had a mastectomy years ago, so showing a deep neckline is out of the question.It will certainly help if you give some ideas about this situation. Thanks in advance for your attention, love Fina

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