What to Wear to a Club

Dim the lights, crank up the music, pull out the heels, and get ready to shine!  Dinner and dancing has been popular since the 30’s, and while styles may have changed, the dress code really hasn’t.

Here’s what to wear to a club:

After 5 Attire

Cocktail dresses, shimmery tops, fabulous fashion – you’ll see it all.  But there are a few things you need to think about before you hit the dance floor:

What to wear to a clubBreathable Fabrics

Lots of movement on a crowded dance floor = lots of sweat.  Natural fabrics like cotton and silk will allow the air to circulate around your body.  Manmade fabrics like nylon and polyester won’t.

Adequate Coverage

If your hemline goes up to there or your neckline goes down to there, make sure everything’s covered while you’re shaking your booty.  You might even want to practice a few of your favorite moves in front of a mirror to make sure everything stays covered and you won’t be flashing anyone unintentionally.

Figure Flattering

Don’t equate club wear with skimpy clothing – especially if you’re going to an upscale club.  Make sure it fits, make sure it flatters, and make sure it says “class” not “trash.”

Evening Hair

Evening means glamour, so try something glamorous with your hair – pull it back, add a hairpiece, put in sparkly barrettes, etc.  Not only will you look more sophisticated, you’ll keep cooler on the hot dance floor.

Evening Makeup

When the lights go down, ramp up the makeup.  If you’re playing up your eyes with lots of makeup, go light on the lip color.  If you’re wearing ruby red lipstick, go light on the eye color.  Remember:  one focal point.  Also remember to go light on the perfume.  A heavy scent in a crowded room can become cloying in short order.

Evening bagEvening Accessories

Strappy sandals and an evening clutch are appropriate for evening; flip flops and your backpack are not.  Match the mood of your accessories with the mood of your club wear and the club, and you’ll never look out of place.

So what’s inappropriate to wear to a club?

  • Shorts
  • Cropped tops
  • Bathing suits
  • Heavy boots
  • Sloppy anything

If you’re going to a popular club with a Nazi-like doorman manning the velvet rope – the kind of club that mirrors the exclusivity of the Stork Club and Studio 54 in their heydays – then be sure to follow the club’s dress code.  You want to be let in right away because you’re so obviously fabulous, not denied entrance because you don’t look like you belong.

Dressing for a club isn’t hard once you understand that different activities call for different levels of formality.  Club attire calls for evening wear, and “it” clubs call for trendy evening wear.  If you follow the dress code, wear clothes and shoes that let you move and have fun, and you keep the rounds of drinks to a manageable limit, you can’t help but have a good time.

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