Leggings and slim pants are popular again and can be very cute under tunics and dresses if you remember two simple rules:

1.  Go dark

2. Wear layers

Yes, they’re stylish, but these close-fitting garments are also very unforgiving.  Unless you have a thin, toned body, anyone walking behind you will see every roll and dimple.  (I’m still having flashbacks of a co-workers’ dimples from 20 years ago, and I’m not talking about the ones on her face, lol!)  So go dark to camouflage imperfections, and wear layers to be on trend yet draw attention to your best parts.

Here’s how:

Monochrome Monochrome

Wearing one color head to toe makes you look taller and thinner, whatever your size.

With Sweater Dress and Boots With a Sweater Dress and Boots

Tuck your leggings under a sweater dress and into boots for a cute – yet warm – fall look.

Under a Cardigan Under a Cardigan

Wear leggings or slim pants under a long cardigan for an easy yet of-the-moment look.

With Thigh Highs With Thigh Highs

This look isn’t for everyone, but it’s got biker chic written all over it and it’s sure to turn heads and start conversations (for all you Dramatics out there).

Witha T-shirt and Sweater With a T-Shirt and Sweater

Worn with flats and a great tote, this is perfect for shopping, the movies, or a casual dinner.

All clothes courtesy of Macys

If you look around online and in fashion magazines, you get lots of great ideas of what to wear with leggings that suit your age, shape, or size.  Pair leggings with a dress, tuck them into boots, or wear them under a long sweater if you like.  Just don’t stray into the cotton-candy colors (circa. 1991) , where every derriere dimple is visible to the naked eye.  You want to be remembered for your fashion savvy, not the road map of cellulite that might be on your behind.

So go dark and wear layers. . .and always shoulder-check your backside in a full-length mirror!

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    1 Response to "What to Wear with Leggings"

    • Kathleen

      Leggings are not something you’ll see me in. I wore them in the 80’s and I think the rule that “if you are old enough to remember wearing them the first time around, don’t wear them now” hold true for both miniskirts and leggings!

      Also, while I have seen them worn in a stylish manner, far too often they are worn like pants. No matter how toned your tush is this looks awful, not sexy. Unless you are a plasitic mannequin how you look while moving around is not the same as stading still in front of a mirror. Without fail something is always bulging out in the wrong way!

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