Will Occasion Magic Play in Poughkeepsie?

This is just a quick update to answer a question I’ve received several times in the last few days regarding OCCASION MAGIC.  If you’ve already grabbed your copy – and at the rate it’s flying off the shelves, I know many of you have (thanks again for all the rave reviews!) – you can disregard this message.  But if
you’re still wondering if it’s for you, perhaps answering this question will help you decide:

“Will the information work outside the East Coast (or outside the US)?”


In fact, understanding that people do things differently in different places is one of THE KEYS to dressing appropriately wherever you go (the other is knowing

the level of formality).  That’s why I devote an entire chapter to the topic, discussing the differences you’ll find whether you venture to your nearest small town or big city, or you go half-way across the world. Starting from YOUR frame of reference (Cincinnati, Sydney, Stratford), you’ll be able to see how and
where things are done in certain ways so you’ll know what to expect should you travel for business or pleasure. From the most fashionable and formal places in the world to the most laid-back, you’ll see how your locale stacks up against others.  It’s a look at clothing behavior that you probably never saw in your Social Studies class.

In fact in the ebook I share a story about some advice I gave to a friend in Switzerland that helped him dress appropriately for a function in Scotland and saved him untold embarrassment.

So will OCCASION MAGIC “play in Poughkeepsie?” Absolutely!

Here’s where you can get your copy:  OccasionMagic.com

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