Fall Fashion 2008

With stores full of merchandise, magazines full of pictures, and fashion experts touting the latest “must haves” on TV, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused with all the new choices each season.


To sort through the chaos and figure out what will work for YOU, just keep a few ground rules in mind:

    1. Always shop with a list. Go through your closet to determine what you have and what you need and fill the wardrobe holes FIRST. It will help you stay in budget AND buy only what you need.

    2. Stick with styles that flatter your figure; beware of silhouettes that are trendy but not flattering.

    3. Limit your color palette to your most flattering tones so you can mix and match your separates and accessories for maximum wear.

    4. Don’t be afraid to mix high-end with low-end. A cheap, trendy shoe will make and old classic look fresh; an expensive, classic bag will upgrade a trendy dress.

    5. Spend money on classic pieces that you will wear for many seasons; go cheap on trends that will only last one year.

The good news is that many of the looks that have been popular over the last few seasons continue into fall, so you won’t need a lot to look current and fresh. Just replenish your worn staples, choose your trends wisely, and you will look “au currant” when then temperatures dip.

Here are my picks for the most eye-catching, figure-flattering looks of the season:

Lady-Like Ruffles and Lace

Are you a “girlie” girl? This trend from last spring continues into fall with an array of laces, ruffles, and other romantic embellishments. If you have the figure for it, opt for silhouettes that show off curves and emphasize the waist. But do keep it occasion-appropriate: curves on a date? Check. Ribbons and lace in the boardroom? No so much.

Lady-like dress

Ruffles and curves

Rustic Inspired

For those of you who don’t “do” ruffles, try the tweeds, plaids, and leather of the English country look. You’ll find plenty to choose from this year, from basic tees and jeans to sophisticated suits that will turn heads wherever you go.

Leather and jeans

Ralph Lauren's country look

Concrete Jungle

The animal print look has been popular for several years and continues into fall. Warm, buttery leopard prints add heat to the cold winter months, so try a splash of it on a coat, bag, or blouse for a pur-r-rfect, of-the-moment look.

The jungle never looked so good!

Pretty in print

Modern Simplicity

Prefer to keep things simple? You can’t go wrong with the minimalist look. Try classic silhouettes in high contrast colors for a polished, sophisticated style. It worked for Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy and it can probably work for you, too.

Classic prints offer high impact

A classic, head-turning combo

Metallic Glam

Need to shine (literally)? Go metallic! This season designers have moved beyond silver and gold to offer lots of colors with a metallic sheen. They’re perfect for the upcoming holidays – or any time you want some extra “umph”.

A new twist on

A new winter white?

The Great Coverup

Hemlines have gone down this season – way, WAY down, to midi (calf) and maxi (ankle) lengths. Paired with colors in similar hues, they can create an eye-catching silhouette. But this one ISN’T for everyone. If you’re petite or very thin, this much fabric will only make you look smaller and thinner, so beware.

Longer skirts can keep your legs warm in winter

Be careful if you're very slim or petite

Warm and Cozy

When it’s cold outside, you can stay warm inside with all the beautiful sweaters you’ll find this year. The cozy cardigan has undergone a feminine update, and the cowl neck returns en force this season. Just be careful of which sweater fabrics you choose. Bulky, textured fabrics will add bulk to your frame.

Grab a warm sweater for a cold day

Not your grandmother's cardigan

Red-Hot Mama

A pop of red is just the thing to add some brightness to a drab winter day. Try some red shoes, a red handbag, a red scarf or a red coat to brighten things up and be right on trend.

Red accents will make your winter staples pop

Try red when you're feeling blue

Cute Shoes

There are so many cute shoes out there this years that those with a “thing” for shoes may need to buy another shoe rack! Ballerina flats, ankle boots, high vamps – you name it – you’re sure to find something you can’t live without. Just be mindful of which styles make your feet look their best and avoid those that negatively impact your image (make your feet look big, make you look short, etc.).

Lots of cute flats available this year

Ankle boots are

Leg Wear

After shivering through several winters with bare legs, trend setters have decided that leg wear does indeed serve a purpose. But rather than just returning to basic hosiery, they’re taking the long route via colored and textured tights. BE CAREFUL with this trend. Done right, you can use tights to create a monochromatic look or to draw attention to your gorgeous gams. Done wrong, you can visually “chop up” the body with chunks of color and make your legs look really thick or short. Choose wisely. Or, choose hosiery instead.

Tights can be both stylish and warm

Monochromatic ensembles make you look long and lean

So those are my top picks of the season. If your budget’s really tight this year, I’d recommend stocking up on the basics you wear again and again (turtlenecks, jeans, dark pants, a good coat) and buying only one or two trendy pieces. If you have a little more leeway, replenish your staples and also grab a great handbag and leather coat. Whatever your budget, DON’T spend a lot on trends – you just can’t get your money’s worth before they go out of style.

Need more help in conquering your closet so you can finally build a wardrobe that works? Download a copy of WARDROBE MAGIC to see how easy looking pulled together can be.

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