How to Use Clothing Color
to Get What You Want

Use Color Psychology to Turn Heads and Influence Others

She always wore blackI once worked with a woman who only ever wore black.

She felt it made her look chic, slender, and mysterious, so it was all she ever wore.

One day, she came to work in a pretty purple dress.  It was spring, she looked lovely, and we all went on and on about how cheerful and vibrant she looked.  The black made her seem ill and gaunt by comparison.

"It's not the color, it's the pregnancy," she said, announcing her good news.  "I couldn't find any black maternity clothes."

So for the next six months, we got to see her in a variety of different colors.  She was happy and playful during this time, whereas before she'd always seemed so stern and task-oriented.   It was nice to see this side of her.

But when she returned from maternity leave a few months later, she went back to her all-black wardrobe, back to looking ill, and back to her stern disposition.

It was the craziest thing I ever saw.

Could color really make that big a difference?


It has to do with color psychology, and the science behind it is fascinating.

Different colors evoke different feelings and responses, which is why:

  • Taxis and school buses are painted yellow to attract attention
  • Television studio "green rooms" are painted green to calm and sooth
  • Police wear blue to denote trust
  • Doctors wear white to denote cleanliness and sterility
  • Judges and the clergy wear black to intimidate and denote seriousness

I could go on, but I think you get the point:  the colors you wear impact how others see you.

So knowing how you're going to be perceived in any situation - like during a big sales presentation, or when you're trying to attract a mate - can give you a huge advantage.

But there's a problem, namely...

Most Women Are Afraid of Color

Ever tour a house you're thinking about buying or renting and shied away because of unusual paint colors?

Beige Room

You're not alone.

White or beige are the most preferred wall colors, because most people don't know how to use color to decorate.

It's the same with dress.

White top, blue jeans, gray sweats, the Little Black Dress - everyone dresses from the same color book because it's safe.  They're not sure how to use color correctly, so they stick with the basics to avoid looking clownish.

Use clothing colors to dazzle and delightBut safe isn't memorable.

It's also not very profitable.

Want to stand out in a good way?

Want to be known for your fashion savvy?

Then master the art of color in dress and discover how easy it is to dazzle and delight.


How to Be a Color Connoisseur

Beautiful colors catch the eye.

The drama is irresistible.


Yet while most people will ooh and aah over extraordinary color combinations, it never occurs to them to try to incorporate them into their wardrobes or home decor.  No, it's just easier to go back to beige.

Colors of the sunset.But the color connoisseur - who's an artist at heart - will break down what makes a color combination extraordinary, then duplicate it in her wardrobe and home decor.

The sunset creates different yet similar colors because of how sunlight refracts off the earth.  Recreating it in an ensemble is clever...and beautiful!

It's also easy, once you know how.

How to Use Clothing Color to Influence and Delight shows you how.

It's a little science, a little math, and a whole lot of fun.

Because dressing ought to be fun, right?

An Insider's Guide

How to Use Clothing Color to Influence and Delight is a 34 page ebook that shows you how to transform your wardrobe using color.

You'll learn how to:

  • How to Use Clothing Color to Influence and DelightDetermine which colors go together
  • Work with different variations of the same color
  • Create amazing color combinations
  • Combine hard-to-combine colors
  • Use color to look taller, thinner, shorter, or heavier
  • Visually elongate your legs
  • Use your shoe color to ground your look
  • Avoid a common shoe practice that makes you look unschooled
  • Choose colors for maximum effectiveness in business
  • Avoid the colors that make you look weak
  • Attract men using color
  • Organize your wardrobe by color
  • Wear metallics with ease
  • ...and much, much more.

From basic color skills to color psychology that could literally transform your income, How to Use Clothing Color to Influence and Delight covers it all.

And you get it all for just $7.

That's right. For less than the cost of a drive through lunch, you can learn how to use color effectively in your wardrobe and have that skill for the rest of your life.

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