Affiliate Earnings Disclosure

This page was last updated April, 2019

Online shoppingWhen I first started publishing outfit sets years ago, readers would always ask where they could get the various items shown.  So to accommodate them - and to pay myself for all the work in seeking out the various pieces - I started including affiliate links, which means I get paid a small percentage (1-8%) for items I refer that result in a sale.

The companies and brands I refer do not have pre-approval or any editorial input into which products are chosen for recommendation, but some brands may occasionally offer incentives for certain product lines (20% commission on holiday dresses, for example) which may influence editorial direction if the incentive fits with the editorial vision.

Affiliate links also create useful data — number of links clicked, products bought, commissions generated — that offer insight into reader interest and may influence editorial direction. As with everything else, though, if a product, brand, or store does not fit with the editorial vision of this site, it will not be featured. If readers don’t click certain products or stores, we may feature them less often.

So again, an affiliate link means that this site will get a cut of purchases made through affiliate links. For example, if we recommend shoes and you click our link and then buy a dress at the site, we will get a portion of the sale of dress, even if you do not buy the shoes. The potential to earn commission may stay open for an extended period of time (7-60 days, depending on the relationship); if products are returned within a certain window of time (14-60 days, usually) we may lose the commission. Brands may decide to deactivate the relationship or incentivize it further, such as by raising commissions. If coverage of a specific sale or product has done well in the past in terms of reader interest (as gauged by clicks and commissions) we may promote the same sale next year.

If you want to help support the blog, please consider buying through our affiliate links.

Thank You!

Diana Pemberton-Sikes