Ready to Stop Stressing About What to Wear and Just Get to the Good Part of Looking Fabulous -
Like Turning Heads, Having Influence, and Skyrocketing Your Income and Status?

My Fill-in-the-Blank, How to Dress Templates Show You How –
Using the Stuff You Already Have in Your Closet

All heads snap your wayImagine yourself beautifully dressed, walking into a crowded room.

Heads turn.  Eyes rake over you.  People react.

Some with admiration.

Others with envy.

All wondering the same thing:

How do you do it?

How do you look fabulous every day, seemingly without effort?

Whatever the time, whatever the occasion, you always seem to know what to wear – and you do it with such flair.  Interesting textures.  Unexpected color combinations.  Gorgeous accessories.

What’s your secret?

Do you have a bottomless closet?

A trust fund?

A sugar daddy?

What do you know that no one else does?

The answer’s simple:

You know how to dress.

Which immediately moves you to the front of the line.

The Forgotten Art

Ever watch movies from the 1930s-1960s where everyone seems to know how to dress?  Business, cleaning, evening functions – whatever they were doing, they were dressed appropriately.

To Catch a Thief

But it wasn’t just in the movies.

Foreign visitors to the United States would often remark about how well our citizens dressed.  For decades in the mid-20th century, we were considered the best dressed country in the world.

Which seems laughable today.

These days, most people dress in t-shirts and jeans for everything, and think nothing of wearing the same clothes to a Broadway show or expensive restaurant that they wore to clean house or mow the lawn.

They say that “Clothes are superficial,” and “Don’t matter,” and that you “Shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

But the reality is that clothing and accessories have been used since ancient times to assess one’s wealth and social standing, and they still are today.

Catherine, Princess of Wales

Catherine, Princess of Wales' "My Fair Lady" dress sold out immediately.

That’s why whenever Catherine, Princess of Wales, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, or any other fashionable celebrity makes a public appearance, stores immediately sell out of whatever it is they’re wearing as women scramble to copy their style.  They want some of that royal or celebrity sparkle for themselves, and they want it now.

So they resort to copying.

Because they never really learned how to dress for themselves.

They have no understanding of The Art of Dress.

Once a staple of the high school curriculum from 1920-1970, learning how to dress was shunted aside with the women’s movement of the 1970s, and has been all but forgotten since the “Casual Friday” movement of the 1990s quickly dissolved into the “Casual Everyday” we see now.

Same with manners.  Same with speech.

We’ve become so casual with everything that we think that’s how we’re supposed to act and dress.

Until someone super-successful comes along and does it differently.

That’s when we stand up and take notice.

That’s also when we try to copy their clothes, in an attempt to copy their success.

So let me ask you a question:

What if that super-successful person that everyone wanted to copy was…you?

How would that change your life?

How to Step to the Front of the Line

Now that thought might scare you a little bit.

Or excite you, depending on your goals.

Being a leader takes guts.

But being a fashion leader is actually pretty easy these days.

All you have to do is learn the Art of Dress.

Fashion is a visual art, and like other visual arts - including painting, architecture, and interior design – it relies heavily on basic art principles to create a successful composition.  Things like balance, harmony, and proportion were developed by the ancient Greeks in creating their buildings and décor, and they’re still in use today.

Greek architecture

All you have to do is learn how to apply them to dress.

Once you do, you’ll immediately stand out.

Because again, most people have no clue how to dress because it hasn’t been taught in schools for 40 years.  They think comfort is the key to dressing well.

It’s not.

It’s in understanding these basic art principles – and knowing what’s appropriate when.

Once you learn them, you’ll immediately step to the front of the line as a woman of style and savoir faire.

Learn By Doing

So how do you learn this?

By doing it.

Yes, you could continue to try to copy all the cute outfits you see on celebrities, Instagram, and Pinterest, but that will only get you so far - because dressing well isn’t about a single outfit.  It’s about a lifetime of great outfits designed to create a specific image.

So my suggestion is to get out of the “I need an outfit” mentality and throw yourself into learning the Art of Dress instead, so you can build a wardrobe that allows you to easily create great outfits whenever you need from the clothes you already have.

Once you do, you’ll dress better, spend less time worrying about clothes, and save yourself a TON of money on clothes.

Let me show you how.

Who Am I?

Diana Pemberton-SikesMy name’s Diana Pemberton, and I’ve been a part of the fashion industry for more than 30 years.

I grew up learning about the principles of art and the Art of Dress from my mother, who was an award-winning interior designer.  She taught me not only how to decorate a house, but to also how decorate myself - with clothes.  It was a skill that came in handy when I modeled as a teen and had to style myself, before fashion stylists became popular.

After college, I worked in the corporate work for more than a dozen years, skyrocketing quickly because I knew how to dress and act with people all up and down the social hierarchy.  I thought these were skills everyone knew – but they don’t.

Which led to me becoming an image coach.

I’ve been online since 2000, have written a dozen how to dress books, and most importantly, have helped tens of thousands of women all over the world get the attention, respect, and income they deserve by teaching them how to dress.

I can do the same for you.

Ready to get started?

Learn the Art of Dress

People learn in different ways.

Some can hear it once and be off and running.

Others have to hear it a thousand times before it sinks in.

Most are somewhere in between.

They need to hear it a few times and do it a few times before they start to feel confident.

That’s how I learned how to cook.

Because my mother, for all her many talents, wasn’t much of a cook.

I was on my own in mastering this life skill.

So in my early 20s, after getting frustrated with cookbooks (there was no Internet or Pinterest back then), I subscribed to a mail order program that sent me a packet of recipe cards every few weeks that had a recipe on one side and a picture of the finished dish on the other, so I knew what it was supposed to look like when it was done.  It also told me which course it was, how long it took to prepare, and what other things I should serve with it.

Tetrazzini recipe

It was a fun, simple approach that allowed me to enjoy immediate success.

These days, I’m considered a good cook.  All because of those recipe cards.

So what does that have to do with dress?

A few months ago, I was struggling with a problem.

One of my best customers emailed me with a question about appropriate attire that I’d covered several times in my ebooks and courses.  She should have known the answer – but she didn’t.  It didn’t make any sense.

That’s when my daughter asked me to dig out the recipe card for one of her favorite cookies.

As I was looking it over, it dawned on me that my image customer could use a “recipe” for her appropriate attire question.  In fact, she could use dozens of them, to pull out whenever she wanted to dress a certain way.

When you know how to do something, you don’t need instructions.

But when you’re just starting out, having a proven framework helps you learn.  Like a checklist.  Or a recipe.  Or a template.

That’s when inspiration struck, and I flew to my keyboard.

The end result is Endless Outfits.

How to dress templates you can use to create, endless appropriate ensembles.

Learn By Doing

Evening beach weddingWhat should you wear to a wedding?

On the beach?

At sundown?

How about a business meeting?

In London?

With a centuries-old firm?

Or a Broadway show?

Or a backyard barbecue?

Or your niece’s 16th birthday party at a fancy restaurant?

Hint:  they all require different types of clothes.

Fortunately, I have a template for it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When you cook, you use specific ingredients and specific cooking techniques to create a specific type of dish.

It’s the same with dress.

So Endless Outfits consists of Four Steps:

Step One:  The Ingredients

Clothing starts with function, so we look at the different clothing, accessories, and grooming elements that are required for different situations, weather, and times of year.

Master this, and your income will explode.

Step Two:  The Techniques

Then we move on to the art principles that allow you to create successful compositions, including things like color, line, and texture, as well as balance, emphasis, and proportion.

Master this, and you will be envied.

Step Three:  The Templates

Then we combine ingredients + techniques into proven templates for different occasions, like work, weddings, cocktails, and barbecues.  Have a body part you want to emphasis or hide?  Wanted to look taller or shorter?  Want to look classic and chic?  There’s a template for that.  Nearly a hundred in all.

Master this, and women will copy you.

Step Four:  The Game Plan

The outfits you create should be part of a larger plan to project a certain image that will help you reach your goals.  So whether you want more respect, higher clientele, or worldwide fame and fortune, dressing well consistently will help you get there faster.  You just have to plan for it.

Master this, and you’ll have power and influence.

Endless Outfits

Endless Outfits is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, because it shows you exactly what, when, and why to wear various clothes to create specific results.  It will shave years off your learning curve and allow you to enjoy immediate success.

No fuss, no muss, no guessing.

Just take what’s in your closet, use the templates, and start dressing well consistently.

Before you know it, that vision of you walking into a crowded room and having heads snap your way will be a reality – along with all the cool things that go with it, like more attention, respect, and income.

All you have to do is plug and play.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much do you typically spend on outfits for special occasions, like going to a wedding or giving a speech?  $300?  $500?

Or maybe you want to buy that statement bag that your favorite celebrity carries so you can look as cool as her.  What are we talking here, $500?  $1500?

Maybe you bought something special – a cool jacket, evening gown, or pair of shoes – but it’s just sitting in your closet because it doesn’t go with anything else you own.  How much did that set you back?  $300?  $1000?

In other words, how much do you spend on outfits, copying others, or on stuff you don’t wear?

Probably A LOT more than you’ll spend on Endless Outfits.

Because right now, you can grab it for just $197.

That’s right.

For less than the cost of one “special” outfit, you can learn how to create endless outfits and skyrocket your income and influence.  The best part?  You can probably do it with the stuff that’s already in your closet.

It could be the single best clothing investment you ever make.

You know what would make it better?

Getting 50% off.

As part of this special promotion, you get Endless Outfits for just $97.

Ready to move to the front of the line?

What If You Don't Like It?

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeI happen to think that if you apply what you learn in Endless Outfits that you'll be shocked by how well it works for you. But if you don't like it or it doesn't deliver to your satisfaction, just let me know with the first 60 days. I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Here's How to Order

Endless Outfits is my Four Step system that shows you how to dress using lessons and templates.   To recap, you get:

Step 1:  The Ingredients ($199 Value)
-Clothing, accessories, and other elements you have to work with
Step 2:  The Techniques ($199 Value)
-Classic art principles that teach you to create successful compositions
Step 3:  The Templates ($499 Value)
-Templates that show you how to dress and what to wear for every situation 

Step 4:  The Game Plan ($199 Value)
-Create an image plan that helps you reach your goals

Bonus:  Outfit Creation ($99 Value)
Watch over-my-shoulder as I show you how to create outfits

Total Value:  $1,195

Regular Price:     $197

Today’s Special Price:  $97 (Save 50%)

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See you on the inside!

Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton