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One of the Few True "Secrets of Success"

“Where do the best opera singers in the world work?” the opera professor asked.

Suzanne thought about it for a moment and said, “At the Met.”

“Wrong!” said the professor. “The best opera singers in the world work in cubicles and live paycheck to paycheck. The most marketable singers in the world work at the Met.”

When business guru Suzanne Evans shared that story from her college days, I knew I had to share it with you. Because it fully encapsulates why somany people spend their whole lives in unsatisfactory jobs and lackluster careers: they blow off the marketing...of themselves.

Every successful business consists of five elements:

  • A desirable product
  • Marketed well
  • That generates sales
  • Is delivered satisfactorily
  • And makes a high profit

Every successful career consists of the same five things.

Think of your favorite celebrity. Now think of the most celebrated person in your industry. Chances are, both have mastered all five steps.

But most people don't.

They may have a desirable product (skill set), they may deliver it satisfactorily (innovative, meets deadlines), but if they don't market themselves well (look like a leader), they'll never generate enough sales (people wanting to hire them) to make a high profit ($$$).

Which is frustrating – particularly when people with lesser skills but more marketing savvy leapfrog over them to the corner office.

If that describes you, I can help.

"So when I was laid off at the end of December I was doing some soul searching about what my next steps would be come January. Where did I turn for inspiration? Fashion for Real Women, of course! When the phone started ringing in February/March with people asking me if I could work freelance doing the same thing I did for the Fortune 1000 company, I knew I had a niche. And, much to my surprise, my name is actually a brand. [Your advice] was the encouragement I needed to propel me as an entrepreneur. So thank you again for all the amazing, wonderful advice that wasn't available from anywhere else in my life."

- Shelly M., California

Are You Overlooked and Ignored?

If you're tired of not getting:

  • The support you need
  • The respect you deserve
  • The attention you crave
  • The business you want
  • The income you desire

Then it's probably because of your marketing – your leadership qualities - or rather, lack thereof. Because if you don't look like you could sit in the corner office one day, chances are, you never will.


Let me put it this way: which one would you prefer?




Now, let's say you're an employer or client looking for someone with professional skills. Which would you prefer?Women

It's human nature to want the nicer choice.

It's also instinct to look for those from our own “tribe.” So the closer you match the look of your ideal client or those in your ideal position - your “tribe” - the more likely you are join it. If you don't, you won't.

Now I have people tell me all the time that clothes don't matter, that they're superficial, that no one cares about stuff like that. But the research just doesn't bear it out.

In fact, decades of research reveals the same thing over and over: in a pool of candidates where the skill sets are equal, the most polished candidate not only gets the job, but she also gets paid more than similarly-skilled candidates.


It's like the move-in ready house versus the fixer-upper: the less you have to do to get up and running, the more you have to pay for the convenience.

The more camera ready a person looks – particularly in industries where a polished image is required, like television, fashion, marketing, and public relations – the higher her chance of success.

This is even true in the tech sector. I've watched countless online computer “geeks” go from the stereotypical tee shirt and jeans to expensive suits and hair cuts. Why? Because it allows them to charge a fortune for their services. They learned very quickly that while tech people like casual clothes, business people like doing business with people from their “tribe” - men in suits – so they donned a suit and skyrocketed their income.

So can you.

But you need to know a few things first.

"I think this is the best thing I have ever seen on the web and I do a lot of reading on this subject.  I have learned so much from the emails you send out.  Your advice in my opinion is worth the time it takes in my day.  There are a lot of advice columns regarding clothing and yours stands out.  I feel like I have finally found an amazing source of advice that I can trust and I don't have to keep searching elsewhere.  Thanks for all you do."

- Gloria Fielding

"I must say that all your ebooks are so much better and more detailed than anything I have seen for fashion before.  Some of the information I am familiar with, but this is the first time I have ever had it all in one place.  Thank you so much!"

- Jennifer Crawford, JLC Interior Design, Tualatin, OR

The New “Dress For Success” Rules

Once upon a time, women wore suits. Everywhere. In fact, from the 1930s to the 1960s, the recommended dress for, “Street, travel, and work,” was a suit. By the 1970s, they'd been largely relegated to work and formal social events. Today, you're hard-pressed to find them in all but the most formal offices.

Yes, the “dress for success” rules have changed since the 1970s. But not to the extent that many people take them these days, like coming to work in clothes better suited to cleaning house than conducting business. That's the kind of behavior that will keep you languishing in the same job for years, wondering why everyone else has “all the luck.”

Because dressing for business isn't about your comfort. It's about your clients' comfort. If they can't relate to you, if you're not part of their “tribe,” they'll take their business elsewhere. Same with your boss. If she doesn't see you as management material, she's not going to bother to groom you for management positions – regardless of how hard you work. According to, having “executive presence” counts for as much as 25% of your perceived promotability.

Inappropriate attireSo if you actively wear career-stalling attire that's:

  • Inappropriate
  • Ill-fitting
  • Skin-bearing
  • Childish
  • Trendy
  • Emblazoned with logos

It's time to stop. Because once you learn how to dress correctly for your position and industry, it will change everything – respect, income, attention, accolades – and you'll be shocked by how quickly doors open. It's literally like flipping a switch.

"I'm happy to report the 'shopping experience' has been totally transformed!  For the first time in years I now KNOW what it is I'm looking for and find it without expending so much time and energy.  The change has been like night and day.

"Thank you so much for your valuable ideas."

- Kay Dixon, Huntington Beach, CA

"Since I signed up for your newsletter, I'm more colorful and happier.  You have made a difference in my life!  Just thought I'd let you know."

- Gracie Jiminez, via Facebook

"I am totally impressed with the content you have put together in The Industry Darling course. I would never expect that a fashion class could be the doorway for such valuable and specific career advice.

"I have had a successful twenty year career in sales, but purchased the course because I am planning to enter a different field, one with a different vibe and dress requirements. Your class provided information that far exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much!"

- Catherine Antunes, Sarasota, FL

How to Shape Up Your Professional Image

So what's right for your position and industry? It depends – each industry has its own quirks. But once you learn what's appropriate, it will not only transform your career, it will transform your life. My new online course, Executive Style Bootcamp, shows you how.

This course is designed especially for executives, business owners, and those who aspire to those ranks.  You'll learn all the latest research on:

  • Executive Style BootcampHow to “Dress for Success” in 2018
  • The most effective clothing styles
  • The best business colors
  • The new status symbols
  • Credibility crushers
  • Confidence boosters
  • What to wear for a variety of industries
  • How to dress in a male-dominated industry
  • What to wear with high end clients
  • Clothes that are relatable to a variety of people
  • Why dressing well makes you perform better

...and much more

Contents Include

  • The psychology of clothes
  • The goal of business wear
  • The elements of business dress
  • Levels of formality
  • Industry standards
  • What to wear for different occasions
  • How to create a personal uniform
  • Proper business accessories
  • Professional business grooming
  • Executive work space
  • How your spouse impacts your image
  • The importance of the social hierarchy
  • The Pygmalion, Galatea, and Golem Effects
  • ...and so much more!

By the time you're done with the course, you'll be able to determine:

  • What clothes are appropriate for your position and your industry
  • What to wear to evoke different emotions, like trust and respect
  • How to dress up or dress down to “fit in” to different environments
  • What to wear for different occasions, from the company picnic to an awards banquet
  • What NOT to wear at different levels of your career
  • How to identify the key players in the room
  • How to easily identify different “tribes”

So How is This Different From My Other Business Wear Titles?

Executive Style Bootcamp is designed especially for executives, business owners, and those wanting to join their ranks. It's more advanced than Business Wear Magic and more detailed than The Industry Darling.

While it does repeat some of the core concepts found in those titles, most of the material is brand new and designed with the high income earning woman in mind. Those boxing women on the cover are cute, but they're also indicative of what's inside: cut-to-the-chase content that gets results.

Learn on Your Schedule

Executive Style Bootcamp is delivered completely online, which means you can watch it at your leisure from anywhere you can get an internet connection.  It's compatible with all standard devices.

Who Am I and How Do I Know This Stuff?

Diana Pemberton SikesHi, my name's Diana Pemberton Sikes. After my own "light-switch" moment in high school where I went from being overlooked and ignored to admired and adored just because I changed my image, I started modeling.  After college and 10 years in the corporate world, I returned to fashion and have been an image consultant for 20 years. I've been online since 2000, written a dozen books and hundreds of articles about image and appearance, and have one of the most comprehensive “how to dress” sites on the web. If you have an image question, chances are, I've answered it.

"Thanks for another insightful, practical email!  I'm always thrilled to see Diana's name in my email, because I know I will always learn something that helps me dress better and spend wisely."

- Patty Clark

How Much Does It Cost?

If you were to come to my studio and have a one-on-one consultation with me to learn all this, you'd be looking at four figures – which, incidentally, you'd make back in record time. But since you can learn online at your own pace, I won't charge anywhere near that. You can have it today for just $497.

Learn a life-changing skill for about the cost of a nice handbag? Yes!

What If You Don't Like It?


Since you'll no doubt make the cost of the course back many times over in a matter of months, I can't imagine that you won't like it.  But if you don't, just send an email to our helpdesk within the first 60 days and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.  If you're not happy, neither am I.

Here's How to Order

Executive Style BootcampExecutive Style Bootcamp is an online video course.  Once your order is approved, you'll be asked to create a username and password, then you'll be directed to the members' area where you can access all the materials.

Click the button below to order now.

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To Your Success!

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Diana Pemberton-Sikes

"Thanks so much for your advice!  I got the job as the newest biology teacher at {name withheld by request} in Rocklin, CA.  I am so thrilled!

"You're right, if you look the part for the job, it's easy for people to visualize you in that job.  I am so grateful!"

"Keep up the excellent work!"

- Beth Dixon, Rocklin, CA