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How to Attend
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Carol Fritz"Your advice on dressing for my law school reunion was excellent. I felt fabulous."

"If I didn't tell you (and it bears telling again), your advice on dressing for my law school reunion was excellent. I felt fabulous. Because I was wearing a shawl that was wearable art, I sought out a woman there (who is also the wife of the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar) whom I'd met at a fundraiser at Moore College of Art. She suggested I might want to serve on their Board. Me? A board? Life after fifty, who knew?

Thanks for all your help."

Carol Fritz, Philadelphia, PA

What should you wear to a wedding? A graduation? A Broadway play?

If terms like formal wearblack tie optional, or fancy dress are confusing because you don't attend such functions regularly, you might wonder what's appropriate -- particularly if you've ever made a stab-in-the-dark guess in the past and been wrong. You want to show appropriate respect for the occasion and/or the person being honored, AND you want to look good.   If you'll be attending an event that puts you in the spotlight or impacts your career, like speaking for a group or attending a charity ball or a red carpet event, you simply can't afford to get it wrong.

So what should you wear?

Obviously, it depends on the event. Formal occasions call for formal wear, casual occasions call for casual wear. But...

  • Is a wedding on the beach considered formal -- or casual?
  • How about going for cocktails with co-workers -- or attending a cocktail party at the boss's house?
  • What should you wear to the ballet? Is it different for opening night? (It is).

It's these little nuances that can make all the difference in getting things right. If you rarely attend such functions and these kinds of events pull you completely out of your comfort zone, you may be stressing over what's appropriate.

With just cause.

Ever Felt Foolish Because You
Got The Dress Code Wrong?

When you’re dressed appropriately for an event, you can put your appearance out of your mind and concentrate on other things, like networking, furthering relationships, making memories, and the like.  But when you’re dressed inappropriately, you feel like all eyes are on you, like you’re standing on the outside looking in at everyone else who knows something you don’t.

Knowing what to wear and what not to wear when shouldn’t be a mystery.  Fifty years ago, it wasn’t.  People were taught what was appropriate when, and photographs and movies from that era tell the tale.

But we’ve become a lot more casual since then.  Dress codes have relaxed.  We don’t wear hats and gloves anymore unless it’s to protect us from the elements, and “dinner and dancing” involves trendy appetizers and strobe lights instead of multi-course meals and a big band sound.  A lot of people report to work in clothes that our grandmothers would never have left the house in, and formal wear, for many people, amounts to a tie for him and high heels for her.

Is it any wonder that we get confused sometimes and mess up?

Unfortunately, the consequences of not knowing what to wear can be costly.  Some of the missed opportunities I’ve seen include:

  • Losing out on jobs or promotions
  • Being barred from entering meetings or functions
  • Being detained at the door while credentials are verified
  • Being ignored
  • Receiving poor service
  • Being ridiculed in the press

In truth, dressing inappropriately can be more than just embarrassing; it can mark you as being unschooled – even if you’re highly educated – and cause you to be dismissed from consideration from many things without a second thought.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

You don’t have to go through life crossing your fingers and hoping for the best when an unfamiliar situation comes along.  You don’t have to endure that “uh-oh” feeling when you step out of your car in the parking lot and see a bunch of people headed to the same function as you but dressed in a completely different manner.  You don’t even have to pack your entire closet when you travel, hoping you’ll have brought something appropriate.

All you need to do to dress appropriately for any function is to understand its level of formality, and what’s appropriate for that location.

Sound simple?  It is – once you know what to look for.

Introducing: Occasion Magic

Occasion MagicOccasion Magic is the latest addition to my popular Wardrobe Magic series, and it specifically addresses the many "What should I wear ...?" questions that I get from my clients and readers, like:

 “What should I wear to a wedding?”

“What should I wear to my class reunion?”

“What should I wear for my vacation in Italy?”


The answers may seem straightforward, but they really aren’t.  My answer is usually, “It depends.”  It depends on the time, the location, what you’ll be doing, who you’ll be with – the list goes on and on.  What might be suitable at one hour may be inappropriate for another.  Or change the location and the necessary attire changes as well.   

Sound confusing?

It can be.  But there’s no need to be alarmed.  Occasion Magic shows you how to pin down those answers and eliminate the confusion.

You’ll learn:

The different levels of formality, from least formal to most formal (including the different names these levels are known by)

Why the hour of 6 p.m. is so important

How to "read between the lines" of an invitation to discern the unspoken dress code

Why the location of the function can make a big difference in what you wear

What to expect in different places all over the world

Once you know these pertinent details, you’ll never look at an invitation the same way again.   You’ll also never head out the door in “any old thing” again because you’ll have a keen understanding of what to expect once you get there.

Next, Occasion Magic puts this information to use in a variety of common – and not-so-common – situations so you can see what’s appropriate for a wide range of activities, from barbecues, school, and church functions to polo matches and movie premieres.  Heck, you’ll even know what’s appropriate to wear to the White House, Congress, or Parliament should the occasion ever arise (and it might).

By the time you’re done, you’ll know what to wear to:

Child-related functions, like baby showers, school plays, field trips, and graduations

Cultural events, like the ballet, opera, or museum

Entertain, whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a catered affair

Holiday events, like Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, or Bastille Day

Parties, including garden parties, tailgate parties, or class reunions

Recreational activities, like dates, shopping, or going to a concert

 Religious events, like Christenings, First Communions, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Seasonal activities, like sleigh rides, crabbing, or water skiing

Serious Stuff, like funerals, court appearances, or an IRS audit

Sporting activities, like tennis, golf, and NASCAR events

Travel, whether you’re going across town or around the world

Weddings, from backyards to ballrooms

 ...and much, much more.

In all, you’ll see more than a hundred different ways to apply the levels of formality in your life, to ensure that wherever you go or whatever you do, you’ll be properly dressed once you get there.

Nail the Dress Code Every Time

By the time you’re done reading Occasion Magic, you’ll see your wardrobe in a whole new light, and have a level of understanding about dressing that will serve you well for years to come.  Others will marvel at your clothing savvy, and you may very well be surprised at all the new twists and turns your life may take as a result of dressing appropriately.  Men will stop and hold the door for you more often.  Women will ask your opinion about all sorts of things.  You’ll be called on for leadership positions.

Sound crazy?  It’s not.  I’ve had clients and readers report this phenomenon time and again.  When you clearly know how to dress appropriately foreverything, people simply assume that you know a lot about a lot of things and accord you the proper respect.  Like a gypsy with a crystal ball knowing what to expect at every turn, employing a little occasion magic of your own can bring you unexpected rewards.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what others have said about my services, my ezine, and other books in the Wardrobe Magic series:

"After radically overhauling my wardrobe, with your advice...I was offered tickets, out of the blue, to the closing gala of the Toronto International Film Festival"

"Wonders never cease! After radically overhauling my wardrobe, with your advice, several interesting things have happened. You may remember that back in June I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on TV about my profession, physiotherapy. This week I was offered tickets, out of the blue, to the closing gala of the Toronto International Film Festival and to the after party! My prior "crunchy granola" look never got me these kind of opportunities.

"Thanks for the advice, it really seems to be making a huge difference!"

A few days later...

"Just checking in to let you know how the Gala went. We had a GREAT time. The movie we saw was 'Amazing Grace' by Michael Apted.

"The after party was even better, we snagged passes to the VIP section and got to say hello to the director. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were there but off in another area. I ended up renting a beautiful full-length beaded navy blue dress with a low back. I'm glad I did as it was quite the swanky affair and I got lots of compliments!

"Thanks again for all the great advice."

Kathleen S., Toronto, Canada

Carol Fritz"Your advice on dressing for my law school reunion was excellent."

"If I didn't tell you (and it bears telling again), your advice on dressing for my law school reunion was excellent. I felt fabulous. Because I was wearing a shawl that was wearable art, I sought out a woman there (who is also the wife of the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar) whom I'd met at a fundraiser at Moore College of Art. She suggested I might want to serve on their Board. Me? A board? Life after fifty, who knew?

Thanks for all your help."

Carol Fritz, Philadelphia, PA

"Your book and articles are everything you claim, common sense with great fashion instinct."

"I was a bit dubious about ordering your book because I've been let down by E- books in the past. I need not have worried. Your book and articles are everything you claim, common sense with great fashion instinct. Thanks for the help."


Ruth Ganley"It is a long time since I had such fun with a book! I love it!"

"I finished reading Accessory Magic at 1:00 a.m., and at 2:00 a.m. I was rummaging in the basement for accessories that I had forgotten.

"It is a long time since I had such fun with a book! I love it!"

Ruth Ganley, Atlanta, GA

Filled with lots of illustrations and pictures to help you learn and understand, Occasion Magic may become one of the most-referenced books in your digital library.

Navigate Tricky Situations with Style and Ease

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, working from home, chauffeuring kids, going to school, basking in the limelight, or quietly enjoying your retirement, you’ll be able to use the information to quickly determine what’s appropriate to wear for any occasion you encounter.

Discover savvy insider tips like:

His and her dress codes for formal affairs

Which cities are very fashion-conscious, and which couldn’t care less about clothes

 Why clothing points to your origins almost as easily as an accent

Which cultures still require formal evening attire come sunset

What to wear to get the best service at restaurants

The best clothes to wear when you go shopping

How to dress for the same function at different venues

The one clothing element that will gain you admittance to most sports clubs – or leave you out in the cold if you don’t have it

How to discern a dress code when none is mentioned on the invitation

What terms like “formal”, “black-tie creative”, and “LA Trendy” really mean

How to make the same outfit look different for different functions so you can stretch your budget to unbelievable lengths

What to wear to a movie – or to a movie premiere (different dress codes)

Which casinos allow shorts, and which require formal attire

Why you should have a pedicure before traveling to this certain part of the world

Places where bare shoulders, shorts, and flipflops won’t garner a second look – or where they’ll keep you off the premises

What to wear to horse-related events, from rodeos to Royal Ascot

How moving a function outside can change the formality level

The simple secret to filling your social calendar

...and much, much more!

Once you’ve read Occasion Magic, you’ll understand why the people who take the time to dress appropriately seem to move to “the front of the line” in life, while those with the “here’s-how-I-dress, like-it-or-lump-it” approach to dressing end up with all those nasty lumps.  Why settle for second-rate when first-class is so easily within your reach?  My clients and readers have discovered this delightful advantage time and again, and there’s no reason why you can’t either.

"I've been promoted...asked to speak...invited to attend Nursing school at [someone else's] expense..."

"I wanted to let you know how helpful all the information in your books and e-zines has been to me, personally. Since beginning my job in June, I have been promoted to Office Manager, asked to speak at Board Meetings and Luncheons, invited to attend Nursing school at the Center's expense, and just received a rarely given payraise! While much of it is due to a strong work ethic - I believe my wardrobe has definitely helped. As a counselor I am to dress casual, which you and I both know does not mean slobby. My attire is definitely more appropriate than that of my much younger peers who still believe that ratty jeans and flip-flops are fine for the office. Many of them have been there for years, and not one has been asked to speak before the board, or been offered the opportunities I have. And many of them are better qualified counselors than I, with Masters Degrees in psychology and sociology. Just thought I would share that little story with you!

Looking forward to the new books!"

Laura B., La Porte, IN

"I was complemented many times on my clothes and was told I looked 'great'."

"I just wanted to let you know that I had success with your advice from Business Wear Magic. I was on a symposium this week end and I used your advice and packed 'capsules'. The dress was tailored casual. I felt right at home and was complemented many times on my clothes and was told I looked 'great.' I felt that I got the look right, some people in jeans and T's but all the top people had tailored pants and collared shirts and jackets. Thanks to your advice I fit right in with the big wigs. I felt confident and overall things went very well.

"I started to notice who 'gets it' and who doesn't. I'm glad to say, thanks to you, I've made the transition into the first group."

Kathleen S., Pickering, Ontario Canada

What Exactly Are You Going to Get Whe
You Order Occasion Magic Today?

The main manual of the Occasion Magic package is 150 pages of meaty material that walks you through the various levels of formality and shows you what kind of clothes qualify for each level.  Then it demonstrates how to apply those levels to dozens of everyday activities, from barbecues and picnics to holidays and religious ceremonies.  You’ve never seen this much “what to wear” information in one place before – I know, because I’ve looked.

In addition to the manual, you’ll also receive three very special, EXCLUSIVE bonuses that further enable you to hone your wardrobing skills, including:

EXCLUSIVE Free Bonus Gift #1
Occasion Wardrobe Workbook ($10 value)

Do you have a “go-anywhere” wardrobe – or a “go-someplaces” wardrobe?  If you can only go some places, you’re being limited by your clothes.  What a shame!  Discover how to:

  • Accurately assess your lifestyle and determine how well your closet reflects your activities
  • Dig even deeper to uncover the holes that could prevent you from accepting invitations -- or spending a fortune to fill them at the last minute
  • Build a shopping list that lays out your need, identifies your priorities, and allows you to take advantage of sales by knowing what you need.

Why be caught short by a closet that doesn’t go the distance?  Build a “go-anywhere” wardrobe so you can go anywhere you need to go (12 pages).

EXCLUSIVE Free Bonus Gift #2
The Travel Planner ($15 value)

Have you ever gone on a trip where you’ve packed too much, too little, or completely forgotten important things?  Never again!  With this handy planner, you’ll be able to:

  • Put together clothing capsules that give you a wide variety of choices – even for unexpected outings – with the minimum of luggage required.
  • Pack like a pro with these little-known tricks for reducing wrinkles, preventing spills from toiletries, and arranging your purchases so that you can breeze through customs.
  • Get a handle on all your travel paperwork, from itineraries and packing lists to passports and visas.  Put your hands on things in an instant.

This planner will help you to take everything you need – but only what you need – every time!  You’ll be amazed at how far you can go with so light a load.  20 pages.

EXCLUSIVE Free Bonus Gift #3
The Art of the Schmooze  ($10 value)

Hate to go to parties because you never know what to say?  You’re in luck!  With the tips in this report and just a little practice, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily strike up conversations with complete strangers using these fool-proof techniques
  • Ditch those annoying people who are determined to suck up your time --without coming across as rude or boorish
  • Deflect potentially explosive situations, like belligerent drunks or people trying to cause trouble, with a minimum of effort

Why be a wallflower when you can “work the room” like a pro, benefiting from all the rewards that a little networking can bring – including a more active social life.  8 pages.

In all, you’ll receive nearly 200 pages of material to help you identify and dress for the many occasions in your life, completely stress-free.

"Your suggestions are so simple and yet make so much sense."

"I got your ebook downloaded and I love it!! Your suggestions are so simple and yet make so much sense. I have looked into my closet a million times and said how can I have so many clothes and nothing to wear? The more I read the more I said...Oh Yea. It's just like a light went off in my head and now I can't wait to get started. Thanks you so much, I have been praying for some help like this for a long time. So you see, you have answered my prayer."

Cheryl Eldridge, Appleton, WI

"I've learned so much from the book. "

"Thank you so much. I've learned so much from the book. Many of my constituents think I've spent money from an inheritance or secured a loan...ha! If only they knew..."

Arnaca Buggs, Atlanta, GA

So How Much is
This Going to Cost?

Occasion MagicIf you hired an image consultant to come to your home, teach you the levels of formality and help you get your closet in order, as I do in Occasion Magic, you could expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour, depending on where you live and the consultant’s level of expertise.  If you had no idea where to start or you needed her to help you shop for appropriate pieces, that time could add up quickly.

Fortunately, you won't have to pay anywhere near that to grab a copy of this handy ebook.

In fact, you can download it right now for a very budget-friendly $24

That’s right.  You can learn how to go anywhere your life takes you, from ballets to bar mitzvahs, rodeos to resorts, baseball games to ball rooms – all for about the price of a pizza.  It’s a small price to pay for the piece of mind you’ll get from here on out, knowing you’ll always be appropriately dressed.  And if you actively apply this information, you could actually enjoy a financial gain as well by getting a promotion, being elected to a leadership position, being asked to speak, or whatever.  You can’t lose.

What If You Don't Like It?

Then return it! If Occasion Magic doesn't fully meet your expectations, simply return it for a full refund. I happen to think it's an exceptional resource that you'll turn to time and again, but if you don't, just give it back. If you're not happy, then neither am I.

Is that fair or what?

Here's How to Get Instant Access

Occasion Magic is an 150-page ebook available in PDF format. That means that if you have a Mac or PC, you can purchase this ebook for immediate download for use with the Adobe Reader that's probably already on your computer.  You will also need a copy of the free WinZip utility since the ebook and bonus reports come bundled in a zipped file

This ebook is currently not available in hard-bound format.

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