How to Look Chic and Glamorous All Summer Long...
Even When It's Hot Enough Outside
to Fry Eggs on the Sidewalk

Houston, late August.

It was 100° F, with 100% humidity.  It felt like a sauna outside.

Like melt your makeup hot.

Like sweat through your clothes in 3 minutes hot.

Yet there we were in the employee parking lot, taking turns using the fire extinguisher as part of a mandatory employee inservice.  No one was exempt.  Everyone had to take a turn.  None of us wanted to be out there one minute longer than necessary.

We were laughing and joking as we took turns, trying to make the best of the situation, when one of the employees suddenly collapsed from the heat.  The inservice abruptly ended as we took her back inside to the air conditioning to cool off.

Why had she fainted when no one else did?

Of the dozen or so people there, why alone had she been impacted?

Simple:  she was wearing the wrong clothes.

While all of us were dressed in summer fabrics like cotton and linen, she was wearing a wool sweater, suede pants, and leather boots.  She was dressed for winter in Aspen, not summer in Houston.


Because the new season clothes had just arrived in stores and she couldn't wait to wear them.  She didn't care about the weather.  She only cared about the fashion. 

She figured she'd be in air conditioning most of the time, so how she dressed didn't matter.  Spending extended time outside - like for an inservice in the scorching heat - never crossed her mind.

Which is how she ended up in an ambulance, then the hospital, being treated for heat exhaustion.

Her detractors cackled about it for months.

She happened to be an heiress - she worked part time and didn't need the job - and her critics felt that she had more money than sense.  No one wears winter clothes in the summer if she lives in the sub-tropics - unless she's a fool.  The heiress never lived it down.

In the years since, I've seen many people wear clothes in the wrong season.

Flip flops in the snowLeather coats and boots in summer, shorts and flip-flops in winter.

They all have two things in common:

  1.  They're physically uncomfortable
  2.  They look foolish

Because the primary purpose of clothing and accessories is to protect you from the elements.

So if you ignore that purpose and "do your own thing" by wearing whatever whenever, it makes you look unschooled.  Uneducated.

Which is never a good look.

Others may dismiss you outright for not knowing what to wear when.

Jobs, dates, positions of leadership - opportunities lost in an instant.

Unfortunately, a lot of women fall into this trap, because...

Most Women Fall Into Three Camps
When It Comes to How They Dress

When it comes to fashion, most women tend to fall into three categories:

 1. They Love Fashion

They follow it religiously and try every trend regardless of whether it looks good on them, is season appropriate, is completely illogical, etc.  Much like the fainting heiress I told you about earlier.

2.  They Couldn't Care Less About Fashion

They don't care about clothes and always wear what's comfortable regardless of season or occasion.  They also dismiss anyone who doesn't think like them as silly and superficial.

3.  They Follow Fashion - As Much As Their Hangups Will Allow

They kind of follow fashion, but their main priority with clothes is covering the parts they don't like.  They're too self-conscious to "let it all hang out," even when temperatures soar.

So which camp do YOU belong to?

For most women, it's the third group.

They wear too many clothes in summer because they're trying to hide excess weight, a skin condition, spider veins, etc.  They refuse to show various parts of their bodies and a bathing suit is out of the question.

Summer is about making memoriesBut summer is supposed to be about having fun and making memories.  The kids are out of school, many industries slow down this time of year, and adventure is just a car drive away.

But if you're dreading it all because you have a less-than-perfect body that won't let you enjoy the fashion and fun of the season, then you're missing a lot.

It's like you lock yourself in a cage.

Now I get that you may not want everyone to see your scars, cellulite, skin condition, or saggy...whatever, but as the kids say, “There's an app for that.”

Few women have perfect bodies.

But you don't have to have a perfect body to enjoy summer fashion because there's an easier way to cover whatever it is you want to hide than draping a tent over yourself for the entire season and waiting for summer to end.

It's like when my plus size clients buy clothes that fit the largest part of their body and ignore the rest.  It's never crossed their mind that there's another way.

There is.

It's easy, once you know how.

I show you in The Summer Style Masterclass.

How to Have Effortless Summer Style

How to Dress for SummerIn this fun, fast-paced course, we go in-depth on summer clothes and show you some sleight-of-hand tricks that will have you casting off your heavy clothes and enjoying all the season has to offer.

Wear cute, stylish, season-appropriate clothes...while cleverly camouflaging whatever it is you want to hide?  Yes, please!

Imagine walking along the beach with your honey.

Or strolling through an outdoor market with friends.

Al fresco dining in a cute dress.

Teaching your granddaughter how swim.

Or ride a bike.

All while looking chic and pulled together...instead of overdressed and out of touch.

My Summer Style Masterclass shows you how.

We cover:

The Summer Style Masterclass *Great summer color combinations

*The best fabrics to beat the heat

*Styles that keep you cool yet cover appropriately

*Summer business attire basics

*Summer accessory basics

*What to wear for different social activities

*The best undergarments for summer

*How to adjust your grooming for the heat

*A simple trick that allows you to travel light

*Classic combinations that make you look chic at any age

*Easy to use styling tips that allow you to make a little do a lot

*...and much, much more!

I'll also show you my three step system that will help you remember what's appropriate for any season.  Once you learn it, you can begin each new season knowing exactly what to look for in clothes.  You'll be delighted with the simplicity.

Why Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Diana Pemberton-SikesMy name's Diana Pemberton, and as a mom and business owner, I know how challenging it can be to dress well consistently, particularly in summer.

Luckily, I have a system – one I've shared with tens of thousands of women all over the globe in my 20 years online.  I've written books, created programs, and have been featured in magazines both online and off.

Many women refer to me as their “secret weapon” in getting the jobs, promotions, and attention they've always wanted and deserve.

Here's what some of them have said:

"I started getting more opportunities at work and have been promoted 3 times over the last 2 years!  My friends and family are pleased with my transformation and now I have a boyfriend who loves me a lot!  All I did was to follow your sensible advice to wear the correct color and style, put on some accessories and dress appropriately for every occasion."

- Felicia L.

"First, I am totally impressed with the content you have put together. I would never expect that a fashion class could be the doorway for such valuable and specific career advice. I have had a successful twenty year career in sales, but purchased the course because I am planning to enter a different field, one with a different vibe and dress requirements.  Your class provided information that far exceeded my expectations.  Thanks so much!"

- Catherine Antunes, Sarasota, FL

"So when I was laid off at the end of December I was doing some soul searching about what my next steps would be come January. Where did I turn for inspiration? Fashion for Real Women, of course! When the phone started ringing in February/March with people asking me if I could work freelance doing the same thing I did for the Fortune 1000 company, I knew I had a niche. And, much to my surprise, my name is actually a brand. [Your advice] was the encouragement I needed to propel me as an entrepreneur. So thank you again for all the amazing, wonderful advice that wasn't available from anywhere else in my life."

- Shelly M., California

I Use Tested Methods That Get Results

Diana, Goddess of the HuntWhen I tell people that the basics of dress were established by the Ancient Greeks, some think that means that my methods are outdated.

Yeah – about as outdated mathematics, the education system, and the three act play, all of which were also born during that time and are still in use today.

In other words, they're rock solid.

Which is why women who follow my advice have such success:  they build a solid foundation for wardrobe success.

Ready to master the basics of summer style so you can reap the rewards from here on out? Then join me in this masterclass.

You'll love how freeing my game plan will be.

What to Expect

Once you've gone through the material, you'll know:

*How to look good yet stay cool in the summer heat

*The clothing and accessories that are only appropriate for warm weather

*How to adapt your hair and makeup routine for the season

*How to dress appropriately for both business and pleasure

These are the secrets people living around the equator have used for centuries to combat the heat (without showing lots of skin) that you can use right away.

Imagine looking good yet staying cool.

Imagine friends and colleagues envying your fashion savvy.

Imagine dressing appropriately for every meeting, wedding, or barbecue this summer, and doing so with a minimum of time and fuss.

I'll show you how in the Summer Style Masterclass.

How Much Does This Cost?

How many mistakes do you have sitting in your closet?How much money do you have invested in summer clothing and trends that are sitting unworn in your closet right now?




Most women have thousands of dollars' worth of shopping mistakes cluttering their closet.  Purchases that seemed smart at the time, but haven't lived up to expectation.

Want to stop making those same seasonal mistakes over and over?

Then invest in the Summer Style Masterclass.

The cost is just $49.

What If You Don't Like It?


Then return it! If The Summer Style Masterclass doesn't meet your expectations, simply return it for a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked. I happen to think it's a terrific resource that you'll turn to again and again, but if you don't just give it back. If you're not happy, neither am I.

60 Day Guarantee

How to Order

 Just click the add to cart button below and you'll be taken to the order page.

Once your order is approved, set up your username and password in the student area, and you're "good to go."  You can login to the course and start watching the videos right away. They're all there ready and waiting for you.

Watch over several days or all in one sitting. Come back as often as you like – it'll still be here.

Then, start implementing my suggestions. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to looking chic and glamorous all summer long.

The Summer Style MasterclassHere's what you get again:

  •  Summer Style Masterclass
  • 20 videos
  • Approximately 1 hour long
  • Watch or re-watch any device
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Just $49

You've got memories to make this summer. Let me help you dress for them.

See you on the inside!

Diana Pemberton-SikesDiana Pemberton