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Image Consultant Training

Want to become an image consultant?  The image industry is fun and exciting and you can be tailored to suit a variety of interests.  Whether you like to shop, clean closets, do one-on-one color analysis, or whatever, there's plenty of room for qualified people.

But how do you get proper training?  Where can you turn for more information?

While there are plenty of programs available around the world to choose from, your best bet is to study the industry before deciding your course of action.  Determine what you're interested in (personal shopping, color analysis, business consulting, etc.), and then find a trainer who will help you meet your needs.

Here are a couple of low-cost resources to help you determine your next step:

Recommended Resources: 

Become an Image Consultant

Become an Image Consultant

Could you be an image consultant? With an eye for clothing and the information in this guide, you'll be floored by what's possible in the image industry. It's simply THE best resource I've seen on the subject, hands down. Discover how to turn your interest in fashion into a lucrative career in this red-hot industry. Become an Image Consultant today!


Become an Etiquette Consultant

This comprehensive guide gives you a thorough look at the world of the etiquette consultant, from what it takes to hone your skills to how to conduct a consultation, start to finish.  Become an Etiquette Consultant is a “must” for any etiquette consultant’s library

Become a Personal Shopper

Become a Personal Shopper


This no-nonsense guide gives an inside look at the industry and was written by a long-time personal shopper and a former retail magazine editor.  It walks you through all the different things you could shop for as a personal shopper, and include interviews from leading department stores who hire shoppers as well as shoppers earning in excess of $100,000 a year.  Want to get paid to shop?  Become a Personal Shopper today!



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Image Consultant Training


Further Training

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