"I feel like a
different person."

Sheila Edens, Chicago, IL

What Our Customers Say

We often get unsolicited emails from our customers saying what a difference our newsletter and
products have made in their lives.  Here are a few:

Carol Fritz

"She suggested I might want to serve on their board.  Me?  A board?  Life after fifty, who knew?"

"If I didn't tell you (and it bears telling again), your advice on dressing for my law school reunion was excellent.  I felt fabulous.  Because I was wearing a shawl that was wearable art, I sought out a woman there (who is also the wife of the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar) whom I'd met at a fundraiser at Moore College of Art.  She suggested I might want to serve on their board.  Me? A board?  Life after fifty, who knew?  Thanks for all your help."

Carol Fritz, Philadelphia, PA

"I feel like a different person."

"I ordered the Accessory Magic ebook and it is awesome!  I have already started putting the information in it to use.  Accessory dressing was always the last thing that I would think about doing, it happened when I was in a 'mood.'  Now I can say that it will be a part of my everyday wardrobe.  I feel like a different person.  Thanks!"

Sheila Edens, Chicago, IL

"Promoted to Office Manager, asked to speak at Board Meetings, and invited to attend Nursing School at the Center's Expense."

"I wanted to let you know how helpful all the information in your books and ezine has been to me.  Since beginning my job in June, I have been promoted to Office Manager, asked to speak at Board Meetings and Luncheons, invited to attend Nursing school at the Center's expense, and just received a rarely given pay raise!  While much of it is due to a strong work ethic, I believe my wardrobe has definitely helped.

"As a counselor I am to dress casual, which you and I both know does not mean sloppy.  My attire is definitely more appropriate than that of my much younger peers who still believe that ratty jeans and flip-flops are fine for the office.  Many of them have been there for years, and not one as been asked to speak before the board, or been offered the opportunities that I have.  Any many of them are better qualified counselors than I, with Masters Degrees in psychology and sociology.  Just thought I would share that little story with you."

Laura B., Phoenix, AZ

Ruth Ganley

"I am amazed with all the compliments."

"I didn't know what I was doing until you came into my life with some serious education.  I gradually changed all my wardrobe.  I am amazed with all the compliments.  They don't say, "It's a really pretty blouse."  They say, "You look WONDERFUL!"  My fashionable daughters told me I have never looked better.  They looked into my closet and said they wouldn't change a thing except that I should have more.  I don't want more.  I did accept a cashmere black turtleneck sweater for my 77th birthday this month.

"Thanks from the bottom of my heart!"

Ruth Ganley, Atlanta, GA

"I was offered tickets, out of the blue, to the closing gala of the Toronto International Film Festival."

"Wonders never cease!  After radically overhauling my wardrobe with your advice, several interesting things have happened.  You may remember that back in June I was given the opportunity to be interviews on TV about my profession, physiotherapy.  This week I was offered tickets, out of the blue, to the closing gala of the Toronto Film Festival and to the after party.  My prior 'crunch granola' look never got me these kind of opportunities.

"Thanks for the advice, it really seems to be making a huge difference!"

Kathleen S., Toronto, Canada

"Your suggestions are so simple and yet make so much sense."

"I got your ebook [Wardrobe Magic] downloaded and I love it!!  Your suggestions are so simple and yet make so much sense.  I have looked into my closet a million times and said how can I have so many clothes and nothing to wear?  The more I read the more I said...Oh Yea.  It's just like a light went off in my head and now I can't wait to get started.  Thank you so much.  I have been praying for some help like this for a long time.  So you see, you have answered my prayer."

Cheryl Eldridge, Appleton, WI

"Your book and articles are everything you claim, common sense with great fashion instinct. Thanks for the help."


Rae Langfield

"I'm now focused on only wearing things that look really *good* on my frame."

"Your book [Wardrobe Magic] has been a real learning curve.

"Today I went shopping at a large mall that specializes in discount designer clothes.  Having your rules enabled me to whiz through most of the complex...it was so easy!

"It's really been helpful, as I've now gotten rid of most of the truly unflattering stuff.  I'm now focused on only wearing things that look really *good* on my frame."

Rae Langfield, University of Melbourne

"I must be doing something right because I have been receiving a lot more attention and compliments."

"I purchased the ebook [Wardrobe Magic] 2 months ago and the first thing I did was to aggressively attack my closet.  It was tough, but if it didn't flatter it had to go.

"This...has saved my workday life.  I pull my items over the weekend.  I match shoes and accessories ahead of time.

"No more looking for the right outfit every morning.  No more wasting money on items that just don't work.

"I must be doing something right because I have been receiving a lot more attention and compliments.

"I feel pretty...oh so pretty :)"

Angela Harris

"I was complimented many times on my clothes and was told I looked 'great.'"

"I just wanted to let you know that I had success with your advice from Business Wear Magic.  I was on a symposium this weekend and I used your advice and packed 'capsules.' The dress was tailored casual.  I felt right at home and was complimented many times on my clothes and was told I looked 'great.' I felt that I got the look right, some people in jeans and T's but all the top people had tailored pants and collared shirts and jackets.  Thanks to your advice I fit right in with the big wigs.  I felt confident and overall things went very well.

"I started to notice who 'gets it' and who doesn't.  I'm glad to say, thanks to you, I've made the transition into the first group."

Kathleen S., Pickering, Ontario, Canada

"My closets are a treat to go into.  I love getting dressed in the morning."

"I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference Wardrobe Magic has made in my fashion life!  My closets are a treat to go into.  I love getting dressed in the morning.  I love shopping out of my own closet.  And best of all, you have given me the tools to help share with family and friends that they too can be in style and do it with fun and ease.

"I hope that you have another ebook in the works.  I'm ready to learn more from you!  Wardrobe Magic is now one of my reference books that sits on my desk.

"Keep up the great work!"

Susan Tietz, Minneapolis, MN

"I felt like you were writing specifically for me!  You have saved me and my budget, which is pretty non-existent for clothing."

"I owe you sooo many thanks.  I am the perfect description of the type of person that impulse buys.  I felt like you were writing specifically for me!  Very scary.  I stayed up late at night reading everything and the next day cleaned and organized my closet.  I really didn't have as much in my 'no' pile as I thought I would.  The 'no' clothing I ended up with is now up for auction on eBay and I am still left with plenty of choices.  Once I created my 'capsule,' I learned that I could pair clothing I never thought about pairing before!  You have saved me and my budget, which is pretty non-existent for clothing.  Me and my husband thank you!  I look forward to the 'new' me...

Jennifer Hare, Arlington Heights, IL

"I've found your book and articles absolutely invaluable.  Your advice is applicable and practical."

Fay Grant, Charleston, SC

"I have more outfits but spent less money ."

"[Following your suggestion] I decided to call the personal shopper at Nordstrom. I told her in advance that I needed to replace most of my wardrobe, but I was not going to be the person that spent a couple thousand dollars. Instead I would have to do it over time. 

"That was the best thing I have ever done. It would not have worked though if I had not already read Wardrobe Magic and your weekly newsletters. I went in prepared. I told her what I did (stay at home breast feeding mom) and my budget, but I also knew what I liked and did not like and I was not afraid to voice my opinions. In the end I ended up with 3 outfits with all the pieces interchangeable, and we achieved this in an hour and a half! The shopper was there to serve me and she did a great job. Plus she has a record of my purchases so she can add to what I already have in the future.

"Thank you so much for all your valuable information. If I had done this before I had this knowledge I think I would have still come out with a hodge-podge of outfits because I would not of known what I wanted, needed or what looked good on me. Or even worse, not had enough confidence to tell the shopper I did not like something because she was the expert. As an extra bonus, I think I have more outfits but spent less money than I have in the last several years just buying random pieces here and there. Thank you again."

Pam Trohimovich

"Made me look more closely at the accessories I have owned for years."

"Yes, I was able to download Accessory Magic without any problems thank you. I must congratulate you on publishing such an informative book. While I am still in the process of reading it, it has already made me look a lot more closely at many of the accessories I have owned for years but never really used to their full potential. I believe that Accessory Magic and Wardrobe Magic are invaluable and essential resources for every woman.

"Thank you, Diana."

Judy Salter, Hamilton, New Zealand

"I now have a wardrobe that I love."

"I bought your book [Wardrobe Magic] in September. Your book is my life saver and I refer to it constantly. I really enjoy the weekly e-mail as well. I was born wardrobe-challenged. That's in the past! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I now have a wardrobe that I love, that I know works, and that wasn't difficult for which to shop. My husband can't believe how few pieces I have, but how many different outfits I have, how fast I can get dressed, and how little it cost, considering all that. He especially likes that last one.  Oh, he likes the extra room in the closet now, too!

"I can not thank you enough."

Bonnie Shroud, Chandler, AZ

"Initially the attention I received was a bit awkward for me..."

"I just can't express how much this ... has positively influenced my life. Initially the attention I received was a bit awkward for me, but using your plan for my appearance gave me the confidence I needed to present my ideas and myself as a professional.

"In turn, my office management expressed increased confidence in me and I've experienced both career growth and higher compensation.

"Thank you so much for continuing to share your time, talent, and beauty."

Denise Galvez, Espanola, New Mexico

"Your information...helps to guide people."

"As an older woman it is difficult for me to be able to adequately communicate to the younger employees, without skepticism and difficulty, that professionalism is still important in the workplace and distinct choices between what you wear to the office and what you wear to the clubs are different. Your information helps to guide people between making a personal statement with your professional presence and feeling good about yourself while not going across the line to un-professionalism.

"Thank you, your materials are very helpful to me as a leader and I look forward to more information."

Tammy Carr, Vice President Corporate Training & Development, PODS Enterprises, Inc., Clearwater, FL

"I've learned so much! Many of my friends think I've spent money from an inheritance. Ha! If only they knew... "

Arnaca Buggs, Atlanta, GA

"He said that when I stood in the frame of the doorway to his office, that I matched exactly the picture in his mind of how he needed someone in the position to look."

"I wanted to share a success story with you. As you know, I've been a client of yours for over 10 years, since you first launched Fashion for Real Women. I've endeavored to keep your advice in mind, particularly concerning business image.

"While I could share quite a number of success stories, one instance stands clearly in my memory. I relocated to Cincinnati right before the economic crash of 2008, which sent me on an extended and sometimes disheartening hunt for a new job. Several local friends encouraged me to apply to [name withheld] Medical Center, a highly regarded research institution in the nation. Most of my research experience did not include clinical trials, and I was initially hesitant to apply.

"However, when I made the decision to see what opportunities were available, I found one that seemed to be a good match for my transferable skills. After taking in clues about what sort of internal organization this was and what was needed for the role, I decided to dress in formal traditional attire, including a simple tailored black skirt suit, mid-heel black kid leather pumps (with neutral hosiery), and moderately-sized but conservative jewelry. I used conservative but polished makeup and blew my hair into a smooth and softly controlled style.

"Long story short, the series of interviews (nine total, including one of the Division Co-Directors) were amazingly easy for me to maneuver. When I was hired, I was told by many associates that they had vetted over 40 people for the position and that it was a considerable achievement to have been extended the (only) offer.

"When I spoke to the Director of the organization to which I was hired, he told me that he knew he wanted to hire me as soon as he saw me. He said that when I stood in the frame of the doorway to his office, that I matched exactly the picture in his mind how he needed someone in that position to look. Sure, my skills matched what they needed (transferable as they were -- I still had some specific learnings to accomplish), but he emphasized that I had 'the total package,' of which you speak.

"And so I wanted to say thank you very much for offering your expertise. I believe it has given me the advantage in an exciting and rewarding career I could not have ever dreamed I would have."

Sophia T., Cincinnati, OH

"I do notice that my confidence is increasing."

"I have been doing just like what you described, [wearing] special suits and looking good for certain occasions and ragged for all others.

"I went from banking to fashion, and immediately noticed how far behind I am from everyone else. I thought that by my professionalism and work results, I can win people over, but I was wrong. I didn't look the part.

"Now [that I run my own business] I have more free time than while I was working to make my boss rich full time, I am able to give more thoughts to my image consistently.

"I do notice that my confidence is increasing; I am starting to teach other women what looks best on them. I feel much better about my look and thus self, and I am not as self-conscience as before.

"Thank you for what you are writing. It's right on target."

Rosa Chen, Houston, TX

"I  think you provided those of us who do not have to dress for business meetings and who work in messy work conditions with some very valuable information."

"I really enjoyed this article because I can relate to the Science Professor. I have worked in the scientific field for 24 years now, both in the laboratory running experiments with all kinds of chemicals and sample matrices, and now in a more office-type job, overseeing our Quality System. I agree it really is a tough place for women to know how to dress when you do not have to meet clients, and what you spill on you may eat your clothes or do bodily harm.

"I see my friends in banking & business going to work in high-dollar, stylish suits, and think how stupid I would look going into the lab (or into my office now) in one of those. I also don't want to look like the stay-at-home moms in my neighborhood who live in capris or windsuits. So what is the lady scientist to do? I think you provided those of us who do not have to dress for business meetings and who work in messy work conditions with some very valuable information. It was also comforting to know that what I have been wearing is not so off the mark either. Thanks for your great advice!"

Lisa Winkler

"I  enjoy knowing this is coming from a real person with real LIFE issues!!"

"What really keeps me interested is how you incorporate real life into your [writing]. I enjoy knowing this is coming from a real person with real LIFE issues!! So it's a pleasant surprise for me to read your witty stories that so delightfully lead into your latest fashion tip. Thank you for that!!

"Keep 'em coming! :)"

Shauna Raduske, Syracuse, UT

"I am also an image consultant and your material ranks right up there with all the best books I have in my resource library."

Nadine Warner Mantooth

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