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Weary?Tired of battling traffic every day?

Frustrated by co-workers who don't pull their weight?

Weary of working for people who will never pay you what you're worth?

Welcome to the broken 20th century Corporate model where you exchange time for money for 45 years, then retire on a fraction of the income you could barely live on while you were working.

Just ask all the retirees who have gone back to work in recent months because the spike in gas and food prices have outpaced their fixed incomes.

Sounds like quite a plan, doesn't it?

Work for "the man" for decades, then pinch pennies for the rest of your life.

That's what your parents and grandparents did - along with 95% of the population.

But what alternatives do you have?


In fact, you could be sitting on a goldmine...and not even realize it.

Let me tell you a story...

From Panic to Prosperity

The Chateau de la LandeIn March of 2020, Stephanie Jarvis was in a panic.

All of her summer reservations had been cancelled due to the pandemic, and with them all of the income she had expected to make in 2020.

How was she going to survive?

After several sleepless nights, she came up with a solution:  YouTube.

She could publish regular videos about her rural French Bed & Breakfast - the 16th Century Chateau de la Lande - and maybe make enough money from YouTube ads to keep the lights on.

So that's what she did.

Using her phone, she would film around the property, edit the videos with free software she found online, then drive to a small town 20 minutes away to upload them to YouTube because the Internet at the chateau wasn't strong enough to do the job.

By the end of August 2020, she'd replaced her B&B income.  By December, she was making more money than she ever had in her life.  So for 2021, she decided to hire someone else to run the B&B so she could focus on vlogging.

Today she has nearly 200,000 YouTube subscribers, makes around $40,000 per month between YouTube ads and Patreon sponsors - all in addition to her B&B income, which is booked solid because of her YouTube channel - and is finally able to restore the chateau to its former glory, hiring carpenters, electricians, and gardeners to make the place beautiful for the next 500 years. 

Meanwhile, because of her popularity on YouTube, she was invited to work on special projects with both Christie's and British Television, and she's getting ready to launch a new YouTube channel about Venice.

In short, she went from panic to prosperity in a matter of months, all because she was forced to come up with a "Plan B" when her traditional business shut down during the pandemic.

She's not alone.

Three Steps to Mind-Boggling Success

If you want fame, fortune, and influence – or just the fortune, if you're the shy type – then there are 3 things you need to do:

The Chateau Diaries

1. Add value to the marketplace
2. Polish your image
3. Position yourself for success

That's it. That's all you need to do.

These three things will take you from where you are now to wherever you want to go.

Because once you understand your true value in the marketplace, package yourself correctly, and position yourself for success, you can't help but be rich and famous.

The Fame and Fortune Formula shows you how.

I consider myself pretty business-savvy, but the value step was THE most eye-opening thing I have EVER seen. Why don't they teach this stuff in school?! I could have hit my income goals SO MUCH FASTER if I'd know this back then.

"Your stuff continues to blow me away. Thanks for all that you do!

Olivia Hamilton, Dallas, TX

Who Am I And How Do I Know This Stuff?

Diana Pemberton-SikesHi, my name's Diana Pemberton, and after 15 years in the corporate world, I left it for my own "Plan B" to become a stay-at-home mom and write about fashion.

I  launched in the fall of 2000, and as an image consultant, author, and fashion blogger, I've helped tens of thousands of women all over the world dress better, earn more, and get more respect through my articles, ebooks, and courses. 

So if you're looking to upgrade your image so you can finally get the attention, respect, and income you deserve, I can help.

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What Others Are Saying...

So what's it like to go from being a bit player to being the star?

Fun.  Profitable.  Confidence-building.

There's not a lot of mystery involved. Just a few simple steps that can transform your life.

It happened to me, it's happened for thousands of my readers, and it will happen for you, too.

Here's what some of my clients have to say about my methods:

Ever since I started getting your books and following your advice, I started getting compliments from the people around me for the first time in my life.  And, to top it off, I finally get my much awaited promotion to Director!  Thanks to your advice."

Felicia Lim

Keep up the excellent work, Diana, I really appreciate everything you do!"

Bethany Dixon, California

I think is the best thing I have ever seen on the web and I do a lot of reading on this subject. I have learned so much from the emails you send out and am looking forward to being able to buy your ebooks as soon as I can.

"Your advice in my opinion is worth the time it takes in my day. There are a lot of advice columns regarding clothing and yours stands out. I feel like I have finally found an amazing source of advice that I can trust and that I don't have to keep searching elsewhere."

Gloria Fielding

I must say that all of your ebooks are so much better and more detailed than anything I have seen for fashion before. Some of the information I am familiar with, but this is the first time I have ever had all in one place.

"With the wardrobe information, I was able to purchase a stunning cocktail dress as well. I felt terrific and received so many wonderful compliments that I cannot say enough about your products."

Jennifer Crawford, JLC Interior Design

How Much Does It Cost?

If I met with you one-on-one to go over all of this, it would start at $1,000.  Add travel expenses and the like and the cost climbs more.

But before I reveal the asking price, let me ask you something:

If all The Fame and Fortune Formula did was help you understand the true market value of your skills, would it be worth it?

If it allowed you to escape that feeling of being trapped – like you had no options - would that help with your peace of mind?

If you could suddenly get the attention, respect, and income you deserve, would that make a difference in your life?

If so, you'll be delighted to learn that you can get The Fame and Fortune Formula, including:

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For less than the cost of one of those unworn items sitting in your closet right now, doing you no good, you can have a game plan to dramatically skyrocket your income and influence.

These videos contain material you won't find anywhere else online – secrets I've learned reading hundreds of books and thousands of articles - in an easy-to-digest format that will get you fired up and ready to take action.

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What If You Don't Like It?

Then return it!

If The Fame and Fortune Formula doesn't meet your expectations, simply return
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We feel that it's a terrific resource that you'll turn to again and again, but if you
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Image Having Fame and Fortune

Imagine commuting to your living room.

Imagine saying goodbye to lazy co-workers forever.

Imagine finally getting paid what you're actually worth.

It may sound pie-in-the-sky, but it's actually easier than you think.

All you need is a plan.

The Fame and Fortune Formula gives you that plan.


Even if you have no desire for a celebrity-like life - or think flashy cars and designer clothes are a waste of money - wouldn't you like to have the option?

Because having money gives you options that not having money does not.

So if you're serious about turning your dreams into a reality, check out The Fame and Fortune Formula.

You're just 3 VIP steps away...


...from becoming a VIP yourself.

The Fame and Fortune Formula can help get you there.

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The Fame and Fortune FormulaHere's what you get again:

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