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Learn how to use accessories to streamline your budget yet showcase your personality.

Core Concepts:

  • Accessory MagicDiscover the best accessories for your body
  • Show your personality through different pieces
  • Learn the "rules" for shoe color, season, and after 5
  • ...and much, MUCH more!

Great Bonuses:

  • Accessory Game Plan ($15 Value)
  • Guide to Jewelry and Gem Stones ($25 Value)
  • Great Places to Shop Online ($15 Value)

Just $24

What Readers Say...

"I finished reading it and started rummaging around in my basement for accessories I had forgotten. It's been a long time since I had such fun with a book! I love it!"

- Ruthy Ganely, Atlanta, GA

"Accessory dressing was always the last thing I would think about doing. Now I can say that it will be a part of my everyday wardrobe. I feel like a different person. Thanks!"

- Sheila Edens, Chicago, IL