Too many shoes“The average women travels with five pairs of shoes,” a news reporter said as he walked through the Philadelphia airport on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. “How many pairs are you taking?” he stopped and asked various women.



“Too many.”

“See this suitcase? It’s my shoe suitcase. That’s all that’s in there.”

They were all laughing like it was a joke, but I, for one, don’t see the humor in dragging around heavy suitcases or paying excess baggage fees. I’ve done both in my life, more than once, and have gotten it out of my system. These days, my goal is to pack as light as possible while still giving myself plenty of options.

So how can you do that?

With clothing capsules.

The first time I saw one, I dismissed it – probably because it was boring and unimaginative. It looked something like this:

Beige Capsule

Anyone excited yet?

Me either.

But then, I started playing with the color wheel and looking at what colors go together, and it changed everything:

Color Capsule

Same number of pieces, but a wider variety of looks.

Yet they all go together.

Which means your accessories with go with everything. Which means you don’t have to bring as many.

See how it works?

A little planning goes a long, long way. You’ve got plenty of options – enough to handle last minute invitations – with just a handful of pieces.

Now I’ve had people tell me that they just can’t plan their travel wardrobes like this because they never know what they’re going to “feel” like wearing once they get there. I understand.

So I challenge them to do this: make a list of what they take, then make a list of what they actually wear. Then, compare the two. Do that for a couple of trips.

Often what they find is that they’re just wearing a fraction of what they take. Same with shoes. Same with grooming supplies. Yet, they’re schlepping all that stuff everywhere, straining their backs and paying extra baggage fees.


Use clothing capsules, challenge yourself to pack only three pairs of shoes, and see what happens. Chances are, you’ll be amazed by how much you can do with so little.

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